Sacred 3 Review

Sacred 3 is the latest installment the in long running Sacred series. Hardcore fanboys has been bashing this game on Metacritic. It’s gotten as low as a zero and as high as a 7. 

Sacred 1 and 2 were not great games. They were just alright and this new team decided to make Sacred 3 more like Sacred Citadel and Gauntlet. If you’re a fan of Gauntlet than you’ll love this game.

In Sacred 3 you get to play as four starting characters. There’s a barbarian, archer, druid, and Valkyrie, or Seraphrim. One thing I noticed right away was how each of your starting classes resembled the starting classes from Gauntlet. I thought that was pretty cool because I miss playing Gauntlet.

04879ec65c4b517bd1e69389d319851993c47dc3.jpg__620x348_q85_crop_upscaleThe story in this game is simple. Progress through about 30 levels while beating the shit out of countless enemies until you reach the big, bad boss and defeat him. This game does not take itself seriously at all. It’s filled with okay humor. Some of it is really, really bad.

Graphically, Sacred 3 is a really good looking game. It’s one of the better looking games in it’s genre. Everything is nice and colorful. The special moves that each character can do looks really great. This is one department that the developers nailed.

If you’ve ever played a good beat em up than you’ll know what to expect from Sacred 3. In battle your character can only do four strikes before they start over again from strike number 1.  This is a very simple formula that works well with the game. As you level up you’ll get to choose from different special abilities. Each ability does something different. Some abilities leech life from the enemies and heals the nearest ally while others are just a quick flurry of attacks that’ll keep going as long as you mash the button down.

You’ll occasionally find  yourself dodging attacks from all ends while trying to find an opening in a tough, elite enemy or boss fight. You can block, but rolling is much better in my opinion. Mixing up your attacks brings some strategy to the game. You can start the fight off with a guard break and finish off your enemies by rolling behind them and unleashing your strongest special attack.

If you’re playing on co op you get a special co op only ability that helps your partner in various ways.

Sacred 3Boss fights in this game are fun. Every boss you fight will attack you in a different way. Some of them will attack relentlessly while others will jump around a lot and cast spells at you. I enjoyed every boss fight.

As you go from location to location you’ll find special, talking, enchantments to put on your weapons. As you perform combos the spirit will either say something really silly or really perverted.

Sacred 3 can feel repetitive if you game on it for too long. After two hours I was beat and wanted to play something different. I think this is because there really isn’t much to do in the game other than mindlessly kill enemies. It’s a great game to play if you don’t have much time to sit down a play a real RPG. I would recommend playing this with a friend for about two to three hours at a time.

1It’s no mystery that Sacred 3 has been dumbed down. It’s been really dumbed down to the point to where hardcore fans of the series are screaming, or typing, to the top of their lungs. There isn’t a vast open world for you to explore anymore. There are no more mounts, rock concerts, temple guardians. Sacred 3 is just a simple hack n slash game now that has better combat than the previous two Sacred games.

Sacred 3 is a great game if you can find it lower than the asking price. $50 for this type of game is just too much money. If there was a loot system in the game than I would argue that it’s worth the price, but there isn’t. Sacred 3 is a dumb downed reboot, but it’s a fun reboot and it’s a game that I don’t regret buying and playing through with my wife.

If you can look past all the hate that fanboys are giving this game than you’ll find a good game  that’s worth putting some time into.

Our Verdict: 7/10

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

2 thoughts on “Sacred 3 Review”

    1. Just don’t listen to all the raging fanboys on Sacred 3. They would make you think it’s the worst game ever created when it’s not.

      I have high hopes for Gauntlet. I haven’t played a game from that series in years.

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