Final Fantasy 14 Vs The Elder Scrolls Online

I’ve been playing a little Final Fantasy 14 since we have some free time with the game and I decided to compare to The Elder Scrolls Online. I know the games are very different, but I just wanted to do this for fun.

the_elder_scrolls_online-1920x1080 (1)Lets start with The Elder Scrolls Online. This game disappointed so many hardcore Elder Scrolls fans. It’s literally a dumbed down version of The Elder Scrolls. What’s the point of exploring when you won’t find anything?

What’s the point of looting corpses if you can’t take everything that’s on them? What’s the point of swimming if you can’t explore underwater? All of these problems are present in The Elder Scrolls Online. When we all asked for a multiplayer Elder Scrolls game we wanted it to be a cooperative experience. Not an MMO.

We wanted a co op Skyrim game. The Elder Scrolls Online is a terrible game, but it does have some good features. The character models look great. I loved creating my character, but it sucks that you have to pay to create an Imperial. That was just a cash grab to make you play as the mighty Imperials.

The graphics are good, but you could argue that Skyrim looked much better. The voice acting is great. Everyone NPC that you talk to has a voice. There are plenty of quest for you to do, but would you really want to do them? They’re not very exciting. They’re actually pretty generic, and boring and that’s the biggest problem with this game. It’s boring as hell. Running around the lifeless landscape is a huge chore.

Killing bosses is equally boring because all you get is a single gold coin for your troubles. The megaserver is a giant piece of crap waiting to be flushed down the toilet. Most of the players has already left The Elder Scrolls Online and for good reason.

This is the bare boned minimum of what an Elder Scrolls game is. The lore of the game is great, but the game itself is a utter failure.

Final Fantasy 14Final Fantasy 14 was so bad the first time it came out Square Enix had to make a new one called A Realm Reborn. Final Fantasy 14 is also very different from your average Final Fantasy game. In this game you have complete control over your character. You can actually create your character in this game.

The character creator in this game is great, but I think it’s a little better in the Elder Scrolls Online. Both games have really good character creators and you can easily waste hours on just creating a good looking character.

Graphically, Final Fantasy 14 blows The Elder Scrolls Online away. Everything is beautiful in this game.

The Boss fights are also far superior in this game when compared to The Elder Scrolls Online. The bosses in this are huge and take a good while to kill if you don’t know what you’re doing. The only downside to this is the gameplay itself.

At first the gameplay is really generic and pretty boring. It’s about on par with the Elder Scrolls Online in that area. Final Fantasy 14 has that old school gameplay that has you waiting for your skills to cool down before you can use them again. This is something that I do not miss in MMO’s.

The gameplay can be fun, but I would really have to be in the mood for it.

Both MMO’s have plenty of cool MMO features, but I think in the end Final Fantasy feels like more of an MMO than The Elder Scrolls Online does.

The quest in Final Fantasy 14 are painfully average. There is no voice acting in the game except for a few cutscenes that happen. It looks really retarded when npcs move their mouths and don’t say anything. You have to read all of the dialogue so why add that in the game?

It doesn’t make sense and it’s just stupid. That money could have went into making fun quest instead of kill shit and fetch quest because that’s literally all this game has right now.

In the end both games are about on par with each other. Final Fantasy 14 is a little better, but none of the games are worth subscribing to at the moment. I would recommend you play Final Fantasy 14 over The Elder Scrolls Online though. So if you need to play one of them make it Final Fantasy.


Gameplay – Tie

Graphics – Final Fantasy 14

Soundtrack – The Elder Scrolls Online

Quest – Tie

MMO Features – Final Fantasy 14 [slightly]

Lore – The Elder Scrolls Online

Boss Battles – Final Fantasy 14

Loot: Final Fantasy 14

Voice Acting: The Elder Scrolls Online


The Verdict: Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn

That’s my opinion on the subject. If you like The Elder Scrolls Online more than Final Fantasy 14 that’s fine. It’s confusing, but it’s fine.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

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