Guardians Of The Galaxy Review

Everyone is raving about how good Guardians of The Galaxy is so I decided to finally watch it. I actually went into this movie with a really negative mindset. I hate Marvel right now because they always seem to fuck up everything they do, but this movie wasn’t that bad. 

Guardians of The Galaxy started off really strange. I thought I was watching another preview, but it turned out to the be the very first scene in the movie. The young boy that I saw on screen was Peter Quill and I honestly didn’t care about him at all. I had no reason to care because of some random sad scene that had his mother dying in it.

I actually heard a few people in the crowd call him a dumbass, but that’s not relevant here.

imagesFrom there it fast forwards twenty-something years and we see the man that the boy has become. I have mixed feelings on Guardians of The Galaxy. The movie doesn’t take itself seriously. Some of the humor is just out of place. There really isn’t a serious moment in the movie. Every time something badass would happen Rocket Raccoon would crack a joke or something funny would happen.

I can see how most people would really love that, I did myself for a little while, but I quickly saw what was happening because it happens in every Marvel movie. The heroes would say some funny jokes, fight the bad guy, and save the day. It’s a really tiring formula that I’m getting really tired of seeing in these movies.

The Guardians themselves were great. I have no complaints about anyone from that group. Dave Bautista was good and that surprised me because I thought he would suck, but he was easily one of my favorite characters in the movie.

I can see why everyone loves Groot, but honestly all he did was repeat the same line throughout the entire movie. He was funny, but there really wasn’t much to love about him except for the fact that he did funny shit throughout the movie.

Rocket Raccoon stole the show. Every scene that he was in was great and I loved seeing him in action. He looked really good. There were times when I thought he was a real raccoon.

GuardiansOfTheGalaxyI think the biggest problem with this movie is there is no character building. It’s just going from one scene to the next. I didn’t care that Gamora was about to die from her pursuers because I had no reason to. It’s obvious that Peter Quill and Gamora are attracted to each other, but once again I didn’t care because there was no reason for them to be attracted to each other. It was a really lame and I wished that the developer would have worked more on character building than all of the flashy special effects that we saw in the movie.

Another major letdown was the main villain. He’s evil just to be evil. He had no character and I didn’t care for any of his few scenes that we saw him in, but that is also a area that all Marvel movies lack in and it’s no different here.

What this movie does have going for it is the action. The fights that took place in the air were fantastic even if they reminded me too much of Star Wars and I’m not talking about the Legendary trilogy. I’m talking about the lame ass prequels. Nothing ever felt grand and life threatening like it was supposed to and I blame that on the comedy.

It’s just too much comedy and it really took away the seriousness of the film.

The acting was great and spot on. Everyone did a fantastic job, but that’s something Marvel movies always has. The end battle started off really awesome, but ended up with me scratching my head and staring at the screen in confusion on what the hell was happening.

Guardians of The Galaxy is a good movie, but it ultimately failed to really impress me. All the movie really does right is make you laugh at Rocket Raccon and Groot and occasionally a good fight would happen to hang you over until the next good joke.

I hope the sequel kicks ass, but I highly doubt it because Marvel has a good habit of fucking up them up.

Our Verdict: 7/10

Guardians of The Galaxy is a good movie and I enjoyed watching it, but don’t go in there expecting to be blown away because Marvel has yet to do that with any of their movies.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

9 thoughts on “Guardians Of The Galaxy Review”

    1. I enjoyed Guardians, but I didn’t love it. Marvel movies just feel like kids movies and I blame that on Disney.

      I actually prefer DC movies even though there are only a few of them right now.

    1. Thanks. Rocket Raccoon was the best character in the movie by far in my opinion. Groot was awesome too, but it seems like a waste of Vin Diesel’s talent to just have him say one line in the whole movie.

  1. It’s funny that they would hire a big name to voice Groot when all he does is utter the same three words over and over. Glad to hear that Bautista did a good job. Wrestlers tend to have a bad track record when it comes to acting.

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