Metro 2033 Redux Review

Metro 2033 Redux is a remade version of Metro 2033 and it’s pretty damn good. If you like Metro 2033 than there is no reason why you shouldn’t already own this game. You can make the argument that this is the only remade game out right now that’s worth buying because it’s actually been a few years since this game originally came out and you’ll immediately notice the changes as soon as you boot the game up.

Metro 2033 Redux is a beautiful game. Everything has been overhauled and for the better. When I saw the trailer to this game I thought that the original version of Metro 2033 looked better, but now that I’ve had hands on experience I can see how wrong I was. This game is gorgeous and it plays very smoothly in every area in the game. There is no lag, stutter, fps drops, or glitches. This game performed amazingly on my Xbox One and I would recommend you get the redux versions of these games on the new consoles and avoid the PC ports.

The gameplay also feels better. It’s like you’re Metro Last Light in 2033. The original 2033’s gameplay left much to be desired. The gameplay felt dated at times and I would always take frequent breaks to avoid getting bored. I never felt that way once in my twenty something hours that I spent in this game.

Metro_2033_VergleichTexturen__Redux-pcghThere are two different ways you can play Metro 2033 Redux. You can play it the way it’s meant to be played with limited resources, hard enemies, scarce ammo, and dangerous monsters or you can play it more like Metro Last Light and have plenty of all of the above. Either way you’re going to have a lot of fun with this game.

I’ve always thought that the Metro games had a type of creepiness to them. There were times that I would have to work up some courage to explore a really dark area of the game only to turn around be smacked in the face by a big ass monster. Trying to sneak by them is a challenge because they’re fast and can climb up in the ceiling. I had one of them stalking me throughout the stage.

When you go above ground it’s more dangerous than being down below in the Metro because you have to manage your oxygen and try not to die from one of the many hazards that are present in the ruins of Moscow.

Metro 2033If you’re a veteran player of Metro 2033 you’ll encounter quite a few surprises that weren’t in the first game. There are some added enemies in locations that originally had none. There’s extra ambushes, and some expanded locations. This really does feel like a true remake and not just a “definitive edition” like we got with Tomb Raider.

Metro 2033 Redux also has all of the customization options that were present in Metro Last Light. There is a lot of content here and you’re getting triple A quality for only $25.

If you’re a fan of the Metro series than I would recommend that you buy this game if you haven’t already. It’s well worth the cheap asking price and you would have a blast playing through this game again.

Our Verdict: 8/10

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Author: Drakulus

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