Hit Or Miss – October Part 2

Here’s another large list of games that are coming out, or are already out, for October. borderlands-pre-sequelTake everything you love about Borderlands and put it on the moon and you’ve got Borderlands The Pre Sequel. This game looks amazing. I can’t wait to play as Claptrap and go around the moon blowing shit up. Did I mention that you’re on the freaking moon!

Verdict: Hit

StyxCyanide Studios doesn’t make good games. Of Orcs And Men was disappointing, Game of Thrones was disappointing, and Aarklash sucked. I could go on because they’ve made a lot of games. I’m pretty sure that this game is going to be another disappointment.

Verdict: Miss

Lords-of-the-Fallen-3Lords of The Fallen is nothing, but a Dark Souls clone and it’s not even a good looking one. Sure the graphics are pretty, but the game itself does nothing to make me want to buy this game. I wouldn’t mind if games were inspired by Dark Souls, but at least have some originality or you’ll just be called a blatant copy and that’s exactly what this is.

Verdict: Miss

the-evil-within-1388596265683_1920x1080The Evil Within is just another Resident Evil game. Why not call this Resident Evil Returns? Or how about I make shitty horror games? The Evil Within has done nothing to impress me. The horror genre is still dead and getting deeper and deeper into the ground.

Verdict: Miss

1399671224-sunset-overdrive-keyart-horizSunset Overdrive looks like the type of ridiculous game that I would love to play for hours. Everything that I’ve seen about this game just makes me want to throw my money at the screen. I’ve waited a long time to get my hands on this game and the wait is almost over. Sunset Overdrive looks amazing.

Verdict: Hit

That wraps up this edition of hit or miss. If I come across anymore games that I think deserves to be on a future list I’ll make another one. The odds are I probably won’t. I’ll see you guys in November with another hit or miss.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

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