Rockstar takes us down memory lane with Xbox 360 release of GTA: SA

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of one of the greatest Grand Theft Auto installments, Rockstar has touched up and released San Andreas for the Xbox 360. This exclusive version of the game can only be obtained through the Xbox marketplace and is currently at an extremely affordable price of $3.74.

The game boots up and loads much faster than the days of the PS2 and Xbox, making playing the game less time consuming and more fluent. The first noticeable change is the introduction of a main menu. Those of you who remember playing the original version of the game will remember being stuck on a loading screen when starting the game, but this time around you can set up all of your settings before you dive in to the game.

Nothing has been altered in the story, so the game will play exactly like it used to except this time around it’s in 720p. The increased draw times makes the entire game flow much better than before and reduces those moments where the map appears to lag in loading. The overall graphics are much less pixelated than before as well.

As a longtime fan of the Grand Theft Auto games, it’s great to have another opportunity to enjoy this game with a much better look and feel to it. This is a great way to revisit an amazing game without making too much of a sacrifice when it comes to visuals. If you loved this game as much as I did, you will definitely enjoy this re-release.


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