4 Things I Hate About The Xbox One

I love my Xbox One, but it can be annoying as hell to use some times. I can’t tell you how many times my screen has froze and locked me out of the Xbox or how hard it is for me to talk to my friends in party chat because of how bugged it is. Lets get this list started…

4. The Xbox Marketplace

The Xbox Marketplace needs a serious overhaul. Everything is jammed together and it’s difficult for me to navigate it. Even the new update didn’t make things any better. It’s a little better, but it still needs a lot of work before I’ll be anywhere near satisfied with it.

3. The Over Sensitive Power Button

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but I can’t even walk pass my Xbox without it turning on. This has been a problem since I brought my Xbox back in February. It’s not a game breaker for me, but it can be really annoying. Especially since I have three kids that loves to crowd that area..

2. The Bugs and Glitches

The Xbox One is a great console, but it still needs to some work. The main menu for one is still a buggy mess, but it’s gotten better. I still get locked out of my Xbox though. Just an hour ago I was forced to restart my system because my screen froze on me.

1. The Party App

The Party App is amazing when it works. You can chat with all of your friends while you’re playing anything. I can be on Diablo III and while my friend is on Forza Horizon 2 and we’ll chatting away once we get the damn app to work properly. It usually takes us about 15 minutes to actually get the app started.

Once I join a party I can’t hear what anyone is saying. I’m forced to leave and come back multiple times until it finally works. I’m not the only one having this problem. A lot of people are complaining about the party app and it still hasn’t been fixed. I appreciate the monthly updates that Microsoft are giving us, but I really hope the party app is fixed soon.

This wraps up my list of things that I hate about the Xbox One. It’s a very small list and honestly numbers 2, and 4 doesn’t really bother me that much, but they can be annoying at times.

I’ll be working on a list of everything that I love about the Xbox One and my next review.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

6 thoughts on “4 Things I Hate About The Xbox One”

  1. I agree with you every step of the way. It seems that those things your mentioned are being overlooked. The user input voting system has a ton of suggestions but these should be at the top of the list. At times it can get stuck when your trying to do two things at once. I think its the ram or something not sure but I look forward to what it will become. Good writing!

    1. Thanks.

      Those things aren’t game breakers by any means, but they can be really annoying. I love my Xbox to death, but I’m the first to admit that it does have it’s fair share of bugs.

    1. Actually it’s quite the opposite. I’m an Xbox fan. Have been for over ten years.

      The PS4 doesn’t have anything that I want and I have no plans of ever owning one if they don’t get some good games to play.

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