What I Got From The Steam Holiday Sale

Multiple times a year Steam will have a huge sale that makes our wallets scream. This year was no different. The Steam holiday sale is upon us and we’ve seen some pretty interesting games get huge discounts. Games like NBA 2K15, Civilization Beyond Earth, and Dreamfall Chapters are only a few of the titles that are on sale this year. Unfortunately I didn’t buy any new games this time around because I either already own them or I’m not interested in them, but I did get some pretty good deals on things I did find interested like all of the DLC for Total War Rome II.

TWRII_CIG_Campaign_Caesar_in_gaul_V2Caesar in Gaul, Hannibal at The Gates, and bunch of other DLC for Rome II was on sale and I spent less than $10 getting it all. It was a really good deal and so far I’m in love with the Caesar in Gaul campaign in Rome II.

Castle CrashersI also brought Castle Crashers for my wife and I for less than $2, and Trine 2. I’ve had both games before back when I owned a PS3, but I got rid of my Playstation years ago because I don’t like the console.

The-Sims-4-release-dateOrigin is also having a small sale and I decided to buy The Sims 4 for $40. This will be my first time playing the Sims since Sims 2.

That’s all I purchased. It’s not much, but I don’t need much  because I own over 130 games on my PC and I’m currently playing through Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Sleeping Dogs for the first time. I haven’t loaded up The Sims 4 yet, but when I do I’ll be sure to let everyone know if I like or hate it.

Happy Holidays guys.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

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