Star Wars KOTOR 3 – Will It Happen?

One of my all time favorite games is Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic. Both part 1 and 2 told amazing stories, but we never got a complete ending and many fans, including myself, were left with many unanswered questions about Revan.

Obsidian is interested in making another KOTOR game, but I’m not entirely sure I want them touching the series ever again. I would prefer Bioware. Obsidian’s Knights of The Old Republic II was a great game, but it was also unfinished, and really buggy. Bioware’s Knights of The Old Republic was nothing short of a masterpiece and told a complete story.

Obsidian has a habit of releasing buggy games. Fallout: New Vegas, Alpha Protocol, Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic II, etc. While I love all of the games that I just mentioned you can’t fully enjoy them because of all of the glitches that are present in them to this day.

star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic-13219Obsidian has stated that they are very interested in Knights of The Old Republic, but the chances of them actually making one are slim to none because every form of Star Wars that is released has to be canon. There can no longer be any side stories, or alternate universes in Star Wars. That pretty much kills any idea of Obsidian ever making another Old Republic game.

Millions of fans really want to see it happen, but it most likely never will. EA has exclusive rights to the Star Wars video games right now. There is another Star Wars Battlefront coming out, and there’s supposed to be this game being made that’s centered around a bounty hunter, but we haven’t heard anything about that in years. I’m really looking forward to jumping back in Battlefront, but if I had to choose between Battlefront and Knights of The Old Republic I would go with The Old Republic in a heartbeat.

I have no problems with EA publishing Knights of The Old Republic 3 if it ever happens. At least we’ll have it and they could use some of that cash to support the devs in making the game as good as it could be.

star_wars_knights_of_the_old_republic_2_01_1600x1200Maybe one day we’ll see sequels to some of our favorite games. I’m still waiting for a Jade Empire remake or sequel, but we all know that’s most likely never going to happen. I guess we can add Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic up there with Jade Empire, Baldur’s Gate, and Neverwinter Nights.

Maybe after we see Dragon Age 10 or Mass Effect 20 we’ll get a chance to revisit some of these classics.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

9 thoughts on “Star Wars KOTOR 3 – Will It Happen?”

  1. Another KOTR game would be nice. Not sure how likely that is though as the Star Wars MMO didn’t do as well as they hoped. I’ll give Obsidiana pass on KOTR 2 as I suspect the publisher forced them to rush it.

    1. I wouldn’t really give them a pass since most of their games are glitchy as hell. Fallout New Vegas, Alpha Protocol, etc…

      The Star Wars MMO didn’t do as well as they hoped, but it didn’t flop. It still has a large playerbase and it’s still getting new content.

      Maybe one of these years we’ll see a sequel, but it’s doubtful considering Disney would have to sign off on it..

      1. Maybe I give Obsidian some slack because they made the South Park game, which I enjoyed. In the case of Fallout weren’t they just using the engine made by Bethesda (the true masters of bug filled games.)

        I liked the Star Wars MMO although I stopped playing it as it run like ass on my old PC, despite not looking like a graphic intensive game. It’s good to see that the game is still flourishing with a free to play model. Given that it cost an astronomical amount to develop I’m not however sure that publisher is happy that it couldn’t command a subscription fee for long.

      2. They were using the same engine, but that’s no excuse for not fixing the bugs. Fallout 3 was nowhere near as buggy as New Vegas. Calling Bethesda the master of bug filled games doesn’t seem fair. I’ve experienced very few bugs in just about every game I’ve played from them.

        South Park was… alright I guess, but has no replay value for me. That’s probably the best game [bug wise] that Obsidian ever made.

        Even though Star Wars is free to play I still subbed and have been subbed for over two years. The game is just better when you sub. It kills most of the grind you have to go through to reach max level.

  2. The Bioware that made KOTOR is long gone. Dragon Age Origins was their last truly great RPG. At this point in time I’d prefer Obsidian. I don’t want another KOTOR being made by the same people that gave us Dragon Age 2 and the Old Republic MMO.

    1. I actually love The Old Republic MMO and I completely disagree with Dragon Age Origins being their last great game, but everyone is entitled to their opinions.

      Thanks for reading.

    2. dragon age Inquisition was a great game though and so was all the mass effect games, minus the issues with the 3rd installments ending. i think bioware would make an amazing kotor 3.

      1. I agree. Mass Effect is my game series of all time. I don’t think Bioware has lost a step, but I don’t think there will ever be a kotor 3 because of Disney. There are quite a few games under Bioware that I wouldn’t mind seeing come back one day.

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