BlackGuards 2 Review

BlackGuards 2 is the sequel to BlackGuards. When I first learned of another BlackGuards game I was a little worried because the first had just come out not even one year ago. Unfortunately I was correct to feel that way because BlackGuards 2 is filled with bugs and FPS drops.

I really like BlackGuards 2, but there always seems to be something that gets in the way of my enjoyment of the game. The first BlackGuards game was solid. I thought it could use some work, but it was a good game and I enjoyed playing through it with my created character.

2015-01-16_00007BlackGuards 2 took more than one step backwards, but also took a step in the right direction too. I don’t know why Daedalic Entertainment decided to take away the character creator in BlackGuards. This is something that really bugged me throughout my entire playthrough of the game. Cassia is a nice character, but I would have preferred to create my own protagonist like I could back in BlackGuards 1.

You could have told the exact same story and had the exact same supporting characters. The game would literally be no different. Well… the beginning of the game would be drastically different, but I’m not going to spoil it for those of you that haven’t played the game yet.

Another big problem that I have with BlackGuards 2 is the fixed camera. The camera angle is never in a good spot on any map. The only thing you can do is scroll all the way out for an overhead view of the area and even then there’s no guarantee that you’ll see the whole battlefield.

Blackguards 2_Screen091214 (3)The cast of characters range from mediocre to average at best. I never felt connected with anyone in this game. The only remotely interesting character in the entire game is Cassia. I love her insanity and will to rule despite having no real reason to want to rule the world. You can actually have full conversations with yourself and it’s up to you how they play out. Talking to myself was by far the most interesting dialogue in the game because you get to see just how far Cassia has fallen.

I mentioned that this game has it’s fair share of bugs. I can usually overlook some bugs and glitches, but I went through this entire game at 15-28 FPS. That is unacceptable; I can play Dragon Age Inquisition on Ultra at about 45-60 FPS. There is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to play this game at a solid 60 FPS. I even went as far as lowering the game to all the lowest settings and it didn’t make a difference and it really affected my playthrough.

2015-01-16_00006I couldn’t go through a single map without some serious lag. You’re probably thinking that I really hate this game so far, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I like BlackGuards 2 and I really wanted to come here and give a good review, but I can’t ignore the problems that it has right now. Hopefully there’s going to be a day one patch to straighten out some of these issues.

BlackGuards 2 isn’t all bad though. The one thing that BlackGuards always had going for it was gameplay and that’s no different here. BlackGuards 2 has really good gameplay. At the beginning of every battle you’ll have a chance to set your team up around the map. From there you’re placed on a grid and every character has a chance to perform an action. Some battles are pretty tricky while others might feel a little cheap because of the huge disadvantage that you’ll have.

Every fight is winnable with the right strategy, but there is a certain cheapness to it. It’s hard because it’s unfair not because it’s actually hard. Another neat feature in BlackGuards 2 is the world map. The goal of the game is build a large enough army to take on the leader and rule the world.

Blackguards 2_Screen091214 (5)There’s a problem with that though. I never actually felt like I was the leader of a massive army. Dragon Age Inquisition had this problem too, but it’s a much better game than BlackGuards 2. BlackGuards 2 is a solid sequel to a solid game, but it does have it’s fair share of problems right now. The truth is neither game would score very highly with me because of all the issues that they have and the developers have done nothing to really innovate the series.

If you’re considering BlackGuards 2 I would recommend you wait for it to go on sale because it’s not worth the asking price in it’s current state.

The Verdict: 6/10

Once Daedalic Entertainment fixes all of the bugs in this game I wouldn’t mind bumping this score up to a 7, but right now I don’t think this game is worth buying on release day and that’s a shame considering how much I like this game.

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