Warframe – Grinding, Unlocking, And, Trading

I got back into playing Warframe. Despite all of the problems that Warframe has it’s still a really fun game to play with friends. Since I ported my PC account over to my Xbox One I’ve been having a blast playing this game with my friends.

I even managed to get myself some pretty sweet loot and I did something I don’t normally do in games like Warframe. I brought some Platinum to help speed up the time it takes to finish building my loot. Before I ported my PC account over the Xbox One I only had Mag, Nyx, and Oberon and while I enjoy playing as all three of those Warframes I was missing out on my Volt, Vauban, Zephyr, and Ember Warframes.

30tlwd0Making the switch was an easy choice. Especially since I had some platinum to spend too. Over the last two weeks I managed to acquire an Ember Prime, Frost Prime, Loki Prime, Nova Prime [ I actually brought this one], Mag Prime [I’ve had this one for a long time], and Rhino Prime [for my wife unfortunately…].

I also got some new weapons. I got a Latron Prime, Boar Prime, Soma Prime, Reaper Prime, Dakra Prime, Glaive Prime, and Vasto Prime. My favorite melee weapon is the Glaive and I had no problems giving another player some platinum in return for that beautiful weapon. I think it’s my favorite weapon because I just throw that shit around the room and watch it cut stuff in half. It’s a really addictive weapon.

1370478272-warframe-1I’m currently farming for Orokin Cells on Saturn. I usually just do a defense mission and go to wave 25-30. I end up walking away with about 8 of them, but I need almost 30 to finish building my loot.

If anyone here wants to game on some  Warframe just leave a comment down below with your Xbox One Gamertag and I’ll send you an invite later.

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

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