Crackdown 3, Fable Legends, And Scalebound Thoughts

The Xbox One is getting some pretty awesome exclusives pretty soon. I decided now was the time for me to share my opinion on three of them.

Crackdown 3:

Crackdown-3I’m not a huge Crackdown fan, but I am interested in the upcoming Crackdown 3. What little we’ve seen of it looks very familiar, and I’ve always loved the art style. Crackdown 3 is supposed to have fully destructible environments, but that’s all Microsoft seems to be hyping about it. Hopefully we’ll get some news on what we’ll actually be doing in the multiplayer portion of the game except blowing shit up. I would also love to know more about the single player campaign. Crackdown so far is undecided, but I expect that to change to a buy once more information is released about the game.

Fable Legends: 

fable_legends_pc_xo-4I used to love Fable. It’s been through a lot and from what I’ve seen of Fable Legends it’s just going further downhill. Fable is going through a serious identity crisis right now and hopefully one day it’ll return to it’s roots. Until that happens I’ll advise every Fable fan to avoid this game like the plague. Fable Legends is not Fable. If this game was named anything else I would consider it, but it’s not. Lionhead continues to butcher Fable with every new installment. When will we put our feet down with them and demand Fable 4? Fable Legends is a miss from me because it’s not Fable 4.


Crackdown_e_Scalebound_exclusivos_do_Xbox_One_nao_estarao_na_E3_2015Scalebound really impressed me. I was not interested in this game at all when it first announced and now I can’t stop talking about it with my wife and friends. There has been a bunch of things announced about this game. Being able to customize our main protagonist one thing, but also being able to customize your dragon is an entirely different level of awesomeness. The question is can Platinum Games pull it off? I’m very impressed with I’ve seen of Scalebound so far and from what I’ve read the customization options on both the main protagonist, and his dragon are deep. I’m really excited about Scalebound and I can’t wait to play it next year. Scalebound is a day one buy for me.

I’m obviously interested in both Scalebound, and Crackdown even though I have few concerns about both of them. Lionhead continues to shit on the Fable fanbase with their off the wall Fable games.

What games are you looking forward to?

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Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

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