Classic Friday – Project X Zone Review

For the last few weeks I’ve been playing Project X Zone and it’s all kinds of bad. 

We’re bringing classic Fridays back and what better way to start off the day then with Project X Zone! Well… I can actually think of a bunch of better games to review right now, but drakulus asked me to review this so lets get this over with shall we :].

The Great:


The characters in this game is nothing short of amazing. All of Capcom’s legendary characters that they’ve built over the years are in this game. There’s Ryu, Dante, Mega Man, and many other notable characters in this game. It was really nice seeing Mega Man in a game because we all know Capcom is never going to make another one of those games in our lifetimes.

The Good:


NYP2Vb1If you’ve played games like Fire Emblem you’ll know what to expect here. You click on a character and you’ll be able to move them around the map. Each character has a range that they can move within and it’s up to the player to set up their strategies. It was a lot of fun at first, but as I went through the game frustration set in because of how unfair most of the later maps in the games are, but for the most part I really enjoyed playing the game.


This game won’t wow anyone, but it looks decent for an older game. The character models are acceptable and the maps are okay for the most part.

The Bad:


I never cared about what was going in this game. At first I was genuinely interested in what was going on, but there is so much drawn out dialogue that I stopped caring and just started mashing the A button to get through most of the bullshit that the npcs were saying all the time.

It wasn’t fun and after 30+ chapters I couldn’t take it anymore. Keep your dialogue on point and stop dragging it out for 5+ minutes. No one wants to read all of that crap.



Some of the sounds are great. The music that plays while you’re kicking ass with your favorite combo is amazing, but all of the sounds are really cheap and out of place. I have no problems with the soundtrack itself. That’s amazing, but everything else is a real letdown for me.

The Verdict:

Project X Zone is a frustrating game that should have been a great game. It started off strong, but as I got further into the game it fell apart. The plot is nonexistent, there’s to much uninteresting dialogue, and it’s boring. I enjoyed the gameplay and I enjoyed the characters, but this is a big missed opportunity in my opinion.



Author: lunaliah

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