Batman Arkham Knight First Impression

Batman Arkham Knight finally works! It’s a miracle!

My biggest disappointment by far last year was Batman Arkham Knight. I never had a chance to play it because of the crap job that Rocksteady did on the PC port of this game. It was so bad that they had to pull it off Steam and work on it for a few extra months.


When I attempted to play the game again in November it still didn’t work because Arkham Knight doesn’t work with a SLI configuration. After I upgraded my rig the very first game I downloaded was Arkham Knight.

Everyone I know kept telling me how awesome this game is and that it sucks that I couldn’t play it. They were correct because this game is awesome. One of my favorite things to do is ride around in the batmobile. Gotham City is huge and I think the best thing that was introduced to the Batman games is being able to ride around the city in the Batmobile.

The gameplay is pretty much the same as it was in all the previous games. You click the left mouse button to attack and right mouse button to counter. The gameplay in Arkham Knight is awesome and is a good case of don’t fix what’s not broken.


Batman looks better then ever in his final game. Arkham Knight is a gorgeous game and can give any game a run for it’s money in the graphics department. Gotham City is beautiful and filled with life. Roaming the streets of Gotham is a lot of fun and I love watching the reaction of the bad guys when they see the Batmobile pull up to them. I laughed when they ran away saying, “screw this I’m outta here.”

So far the story is really interesting. I’m genuinely interested in what happens next. Right now I’m trying to find Scarecrow so I can stop him from spreading a new form of his fear toxin around Gotham City while at the same time I try my best to find every Riddler trophy that I can.


So far I’ve seen a few notable characters in the game. I locked up Poison Ivy, she gets sexier in every game, met Oracle, and even had a brief, very brief, conversation with Robin.

It looks like Batman has another really long night ahead of him. I haven’t even met the Arkham Knight yet and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m having a lot of fun with Arkham Knight right now. Part of me can’t believe that I’m actually playing it because of the massive amount of problems it gave me last year.


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

2 thoughts on “Batman Arkham Knight First Impression”

  1. Glad you’re enjoying it. I enjoyed it so much I started playing new game plus after. I never play new game plus, but this game got me doing it. Hope you enjoy the rest of the game!

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