Top 5 Worst Bosses In Dark Souls 3

I finished Dark Souls 3 yesterday and while I’m getting my review in order I decided to share my top 5 worst bosses in Dark Souls 3. 

5. High Lord Wolnir



I was pumped up when I saw Wolnir for the first time. He looked fantastic, and menacing. 1 minute later he was dead and I was standing there disappointed because I expected a Nito type of challenge from him and instead he died as soon as I popped all the light gold bracelets off his wrist. He has the coolest death scene in the game though so I guess that’s something…

Times I Died – 1

4. Curse Rotted Greatwood

Dark Souls Gameplay 5

I wasn’t sure what the boss of this area was until the big ass tree I was killing enemies next to moved. I was surprised, but that didn’t stop me from beating the living hell out of it. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to damage this big guy, but once I did the fight was pretty easy. The first phase of the fight has you surrounded by enemies and hitting the giant ballsacks until the tree decides to smash a giant hole in the ground.

The second phase of the fight is arguably easier than the first phase because there are no enemies around to distract you from hitting all of the balls on the tree. This fight will probably go down as one of the easiest fights I’ve ever had in the Soul series.

Time I Died – 1

3. Crystal Sage


The crystal sage is a pathetic mage boss that went down really quickly when I realized how low it’s physical defense was. All I did go on a all out offensive and it went down in a few minutes. This pathetic boss shows up again later in the game as a normal enemy and it was even easier the second time around because I was so beefed up by that time that no enemy I came across would last very long against me.

Times I Died – 0

2. Yhorm The Giant


I was really excited when I started fighting Yhorm, but that was before I realized that he could easily be beaten by  with the iconic Storm Ruler Sword. This big guy is fast for a giant, but easily dodged and went down really fast with only a few hits from the Storm Ruler.

Times I Died – 0

1. Deacons of The Deep 


This is a mob boss fight like the rat boss that you fought in Dark Souls 2. All you have to do here is hit the shiny red enemy and you’ll win this fight in no time. This boss has really low damage, and they move really slowly. The best part about this fight was the end. It was just that bad.

Times I Died – 0

That wraps up my list of the top 5 worst bosses in Dark Souls 3. I’ll be doing a top 5 best list followed by my official Dark Souls 3 review.


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

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