The Witcher 3 Screenshots

I’ve been addicted to The Witcher 3 since I started playing it again. Here are some screenshots from my game. 

20160517100825_1 20160518153906_120160517101125_1 20160518150921_1 20160518150946_1 20160518151047_1 20160518153517_1 20160518153916_1 20160518154906_1 20160518155216_1 20160518155324_1 20160518155910_1 20160518160847_1 20160518161241_1


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

2 thoughts on “The Witcher 3 Screenshots”

    1. The Witcher 3 is a very beautiful game. I’m running the game on full ultra settings :).

      If you’re into games like this I highly recommend it.

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