Some More Witcher 3 Screenshots While I Wait For Blood and Wine

If you couldn’t tell by all of my Witcher 3 content lately I’m really, really looking forward to Blood and Wine. Here are some more screenshots. 

witcher3 2016-05-28 13-53-07-86 witcher3 2016-05-28 13-51-36-04 witcher3 2016-05-28 13-53-33-75 witcher3 2016-05-28 13-53-54-67 witcher3 2016-05-28 13-54-05-74 witcher3 2016-05-28 13-56-28-00 witcher3 2016-05-28 13-57-51-15 witcher3 2016-05-28 14-00-50-13 witcher3 2016-05-28 14-02-05-13 witcher3 2016-05-28 14-49-46-71 witcher3 2016-05-28 22-06-51-78 witcher3 2016-05-28 22-30-13-91 witcher3 2016-05-28 22-32-10-67 witcher3 2016-05-28 22-32-13-01 witcher3 2016-05-28 22-32-15-44 witcher3 2016-05-28 22-33-45-21 witcher3 2016-05-28 22-36-26-41 witcher3 2016-05-28 22-39-27-19 witcher3 2016-05-28 13-53-10-26 witcher3 2016-05-28 13-53-15-44 witcher3 2016-05-28 13-53-20-11


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

8 thoughts on “Some More Witcher 3 Screenshots While I Wait For Blood and Wine”

  1. I finished the game. I couldn’t play the whole thing on death march since it was too grindy, enemies had too much health. Any thoughts on that? I heard Bloodborne had a pretty deep story.

    And also I have a 720p monitor was thinking about upgrading, but would you notice a big difference between 720 and 1080 if you downgraded. Is it a big enough difference or just wait to get a 4k monitor?

    1. I thought Death March was pretty easy when I leveled Geralt up enough.

      I don’t own a console, but I doubt Blooeborne tells a better story then the Witcher.

      And I prefer my games in full 1080p. I’ll never do 720p gaming again. I suggest upgrading.

      1. yeah but is 720p and 1080p a huge difference to justify the cost or save up more money to get a 4k monitor?

    2. I thought Death March was pretty easy when I leveled Geralt up enough. Invest in Alchemy if it’s too hard for you.

      I don’t own a console, but I doubt Bloodborne tells a better story then The Witcher 3.

      And I prefer my games in full 1080p. I’ll never go back to 720p gaming. I suggest upgrading because you can see the difference :].

  2. Is that 4k resolution. Seems nice but that doesn’t change the game’s mediocre gameplay and main story line.

    1. No this is just 1080p. I don’t have a 4k monitor so there’s no point in putting any of my games in 4k.

      I loved The Witcher 3. The gameplay was bad before they added in the alternate movement mode. It’s better now. It still can’t compete with Zelda or Dark Souls gameplay, but it’s better and I’m really enjoying my second playthrough of the game.

      The main story is awesome in my opinion and excellently voiced/written. There’s nothing mediocre about it, but of course you’re entitled to your opinion :].

      1. 8/10 is reasonable score for this game. The reason why the main story wasn’t that good is because most of the game you were just finding Ciri and the wild hunt wanted some of her blood. Alot of people still to this day think this is the greatest game, they call it a “fucking masterpiece” lol. Can’t have a masterpiece when 2 elements are missing- combat and main story. And the open world is questionable since its just big with repetitive landscapes.

      2. I disagree. The combat is very enjoyable now in my opinion and the story is the best story, by far, that was told in gaming last year. The Witcher series is actually one of my favorite series at the moment. I plan on revising my review of the game after I play through the expansions. I want to do a complete review of everything in one article and post my final score of the game up.

        A 8/10 on my scale is great btw. I really love The Witcher 3 and I can’t wait to play Blood and Wine tomorrow.

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