Here’s What The New Witcher 3 Patch Brings To The Game

I’ve got a bunch of new screenshots that showcase the new update of The Witcher 3. 

The latest patch brought a lot of new changes to The Witcher 3’s UI. Enjoy the screenshots.

witcher3 2016-05-31 09-39-46-00
First thing I noticed, obviously, was the new menu and beautiful song :]
witcher3 2016-05-31 09-50-46-82
This was one of my biggest complaints about this game and it’s been fixed.

witcher3 2016-05-31 09-51-04-94 witcher3 2016-05-31 09-51-10-67 witcher3 2016-05-31 09-51-13-69 witcher3 2016-05-31 09-51-20-25 witcher3 2016-05-31 09-51-39-77

One of my biggest complaints about every Witcher game is the UI. Well it looks like CD Projekt Red finally learned how to make a good one and I’m really happy with the new, clean look of the UI.

When I find a new book that I haven’t read I can instantly read it by pressing a button instead of scrolling through a ton of books in my inventory. This feature is much appreciated.

Alchemy has also been reworked a little. Every ingredient is neatly placed under the item you’re trying to create and you can buy them straight from vendors now.

One thing I don’t like is I had to uninstall most of mods in order to play with this new patch/expansion. I’m mostly going to rollback to a previous update so I can keep my Witcher world the way I like it and that’s with the grim lighting mod and a bunch of others. For now I’m happy with the update, but man I miss my mods :[.

The new update is awesome and makes The Witcher 3 a much better game in my opinion. I don’t know when I’ll jump in Blood and Wine. I still have to finish the main campaign and find Ciri again. I also want to play through Heart and Stone too so getting to Blood and Wine will take awhile.


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

9 thoughts on “Here’s What The New Witcher 3 Patch Brings To The Game”

  1. you said “Yes I did play on Deathmarch and the game is easy. I could argue that it makes the game worse because of how generic the combat is, but you might have a different opinion then me on that one :].”, this is from the fallout 4 witcher 3 comparison in case you forgot you written it in the comment section.

    And also you removed the article “Is witcher 3 overrated”, so i guess you changed your mind.

  2. So do you think the combat in witcher 3 is more generic when you turn up the difficulty or have you changed your mind on that one?

    1. I never called The Witcher 3’s combat generic. I called the game incredibly easy and floaty, but never generic.

      The gameplay is good, not great, and I’m really enjoying it right now.

      1. in the fallout 4 witcher 3 comparison article, you did say in the comment section the combat is more generic when turning up the difficulty.

        Can you elaborate on “floaty”?

      2. No I said this, “The gameplay is really good, but it’s not great like Dark Souls or The Legend of Zelda. The Witcher 3 is a easy game. It doesn’t matter what difficulty I played the game on I still breezed through it. I never tried new game plus though so I can’t comment on whether or not the game gets harder in that mode like the Dark Souls games do.”

        I never called The Witcher 3’s gameplay generic. It seems like you want everyone to hate The Witcher 3 because you do. You comment on every Witcher article I write and ask the same questions.

        By the way that quote is straight from my Witcher 3 vs Fallout 4 comparison article.

  3. I was wondering have you ever played final fantasy 7 and the old metal gear solid games because those are classics.

    Also you still think witcher 3 is overrated?

    1. FF is one of the most overrated franchises of all time. I don’t like a single game in that series and the same goes for metal gear. No I don’t think the Witcher is overrated.

      I’m a huge Splinter Cell fan. Metal Gear is way too cheesy for my taste.

      1. But you made an article that said witcher 3 is overrated. You changing your mind about that one.

      2. I wrote that article last year. The Witcher has gotten a lot better since then and I plan on revising my review for the game once I complete Blood and Wine.

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