No Man’s Sky First Impression

I was able to play some No Man’s Sky tonight and decided to share my first two hours of gameplay with everyone. 

No Man’s Sky has gotten a lot of hate and it’s well deserved in my opinion. You can’t advertise features being in a game that aren’t there and expect people to be happy about it. Especially from a “Indie” game. I don’t consider No Man’s Sky a Indie because Sony helped fund it. Once a huge company like that funds a game it’s no longer Indie in my opinion.

When I started No Man’s Sky it was very underwhelming. I expected the graphics to blow me away because that’s one of the few things that people praise about this game. Imagine my surprise when I booted up the game and saw this:

NMS 2016-08-24 20-22-45-43
My Skyrim game looks better than this…

It didn’t get any better from there. The entire planet had muddy textures and the controls are awful. Simple things like aiming my mining laser were a pain because of how much effort I had to put into it. At first I thought it was just me. Maybe my sensitivity was too low, but adjusting it didn’t really help at all. The gameplay is very stiff and slow.

I spent my first hour gathering all of the necessary materials to fix my ship and then rushed off into space because that’s what I really wanted to experience and it was much better. Flying around planets and blowing up small asteroids was fun. I even found my first space station and learned two words of a strange alien language.

NMS 2016-08-24 21-21-17-07

When I landed on another planet I immediately got bored again because I know exactly what I have to do. Gather resources until I run out of inventory space, run back to my ship to store everything while occasionally fighting off drones that guard flowers for some fucking reason.

No Man’s Sky is like Minecraft in space so far and that’s not really a good thing in my opinion. The soundtrack is nice so far, the graphics are hit and miss, and the gameplay makes it hard to have any fun because it works against the exploration that this game has to offer. I don’t know how much time I’ll put into this game yet, but I’m not really in a rush to jump back in at the moment.


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

15 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky First Impression”

    1. I think something that has nothing to do with No Man’s Sky shouldn’t be in the comments section. Not trying to be rude, but I have a ton of Witcher articles that you could have left this on.

      That being said I honestly don’t care what someone else’s opinion on The Witcher 3 is. I enjoyed the game and if you, or someone else, doesn’t that’s fine by me. Everyone is different and enjoy different things. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  1. I would get very bored of NMS, as I generally prefer story rich games. This looks like it would have been an okay Indie title that you buy at budget price. Sadly for the developer there was no way they could live up to the hype.

    1. The thing that made it so bad was the fact that they continuously showed things that never made it to the main game. Everyone was hyped for things that was promised that didn’t make in into the main game and now it’s suffering because of that.

      I also love story driven games, but I was hoping I could at least get some enjoyment out of this one.

  2. Thanks for sharing your impressions! The more and more I hear about this game, the more I realize it probably isn’t for me either. The exploration sounds interesting, but I need goals in games to feel motivated usually.

    1. Elite: Dangerous might be a better option for you in that case. There’s still the grind but you can take on jobs to earn money and work towards earning higher prestige. Still… It’s not for everyone, much like this.

      1. Elite Dangerous was a dreadful game because the developers got greedy and charged $60 for DLC that was supposed to be free. The brief time I spent in Elite Dangerous was enough for me to place it on my top 10 worst games of 2015.

        It’s one beautiful game though and it controls much better than No Man’s Sky in my opinion, but it’s not for me :). Here’s to hoping Star Citizen actually lives up to the hype.

    2. There are no goals except to make it to the center of the galaxy or some shit like that…

      You do absolutely nothing except gather materials the entire time. Why even make a game like this and don’t give us anything to do it? It’s a huge waste of potential in my opinion.

  3. Though I haven’t minded my time with the game, I also can see that it’s definitely not for everyone and more effort should have been made to market it as such instead of treating it as the greatest game ever created.

    One thing that it desperately needs is more tutorials and even a proper quest to get players going because you’re left alone far too soon. And if you’re a poor soul who ends up starting on a hostile planet you’re going to bin this game pretty fast.

    As a colleague of mine told me yesterday… “this really should be an Early Access game”.

    1. This game should have been released as early access because it’s obviously missing a ton of features. I’ve already placed No Man’s Sky on my shit list and it probably won’t ever leave it because of the constant lies that were told to everyone leading up to release.

      I never brought into the hype. I didn’t even buy the game it was gifted to me so I might as try it out.

  4. I explored 5 planets, and three of them were similar enough that I just didn’t buy in to the game’s “expansive” universe. It was like landing on the same planet, but with a different color scheme, and maybe some annoying hazard like toxicity, the cold, heat, etc.

    The early hours of NMS are the worst, since you have very little storage space and you’re basically tethered to your ship until you can afford to venture off more and carry more stuff. I found the hook of the game to be more frustrating than enjoyable. My home planet was a hostile frozen wasteland, and without knowing any of the game’s in’s and out’s I had the absolute worst time. The second planet was hostile and toxic. Third was docile and hot, but I still found myself getting harassed by the sentinels.

    I gave NMS a fair shot for three or four hours and discovered it just wasn’t for me. I don’t want to feel like I “have” to play it for 10-15 hours before it gets its hooks in me, so I said fuck it, sold it, and moved on to something else.

    1. I’m only on my second planet, but I can already see what you mean. I rushed off my first planet hoping that everything would open up and the game would get fun, but it’s actually very repetitive. There are no quest to do, and so far the only two planets that I’ve visited are barren with no life at all. Going back to my ship to store crap got tiring really fast and I even ran out of space on that in about an hour.
      I have a friend that calls this “the best game ever”, but I honestly don’t see what he sees in this crap. After two hours I feel like I’ve experienced everything this game has to offer. I’m playing Dark Souls III right now instead of No Man’s Sky and I have no desire to change that any time soon.

      1. Even after just that short while, it made my GF want to give up and pick up Starbound again instead. I sold my copy on eBay and picked up a bunch of Vita stuff instead.

      2. You girlfriend has a good taste. Starbound is a great game that has a lot more content. I build a secret laboratory under my house with test tubes, TVs, and bunnies :].

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