The Witcher Series Creator, Andrzej Sapkowski, Is A Asshole

The creator of The Witcher series recently talked about The Witcher games and insulted every gamer that plays them. 

Andrzej Sapkowski is up to his usual shenanigans again. He, once again, insulted The Witcher video games. I know it must get tiring answering questions from fans about The Witcher games, but you could argue that the games are the only reason why this man is relevant. I’m not trying to be rude towards him because I’m sure he’s a great writer, but this just makes me not want to buy any of his work because he stated that he only associates with intelligent people.

His exact words were, “I know some people who played this game, but only a few of them, because I rub shoulders mostly with intelligent people”. 

There’s no need to insult Witcher fans. We all know you created the series. It’s stated in every game that you, Andrzej Sapkowski, created the Witcher, but you’re starting to sound very salty because The Witcher games are more known then your books and instead of you appreciating what they’ve done for your career you resort to bashing the games every chance you get.

Andrzej has already stated that he’s never played a Witcher game. My question is how can you hate something that you’ve never played or watched?

I don’t mind that he doesn’t like The Witcher games. What I care about is the fact that he pretty much called everyone that enjoys The Witcher games idiots. That’s not cool dude.

What do you guys think of this?

I think he’s a jealous asshole :).


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

13 thoughts on “The Witcher Series Creator, Andrzej Sapkowski, Is A Asshole”

  1. His reactions towards the games have been mystifyingly caustic. I’ve seen interviews where he vehemently states that he’s never played the games, and never will, because he has ‘much, much better things to do.” His comments are full of ridiculous barbs like this and the aforementioned intelligence comment. He also forcefully stated that he doesn’t beleive you can mix media in a story, “a comic can’t be a prequel to a book”, etc. That’s just absurd. He’s the most condescending asshole I’ve ever seen give an interview TO FANS of his work. Just grossed me out. It can’t even be that he didn’t like how CDPR adapted his work, he’s just bashing video games and people who play them. And since there’s no functional difference between entertaining yourself with a video game than with a novel, he just comes off looking aggressively petulent. He’s a stubborn fossil full of venom. Time of Contempt, indeed!

  2. You would think he would appreciate the increased sales, as the games must have encouraged some people to read the books.

    Still this is nothing new. There are several comic book writers for example who hate when their novels get turned into a movie.

  3. He might have a point I didn’t enjoy the witcher 3 story as much as the previous ones. There was not enough focus on the wild hunt making them just bad guys that are very one dimensional. Towards the end Ciri saved the world from the white frost out of nowhere creating this Deus ex Machina plot. After the battle of Kaer Morhen things went downhill fast. The reason for this lack of focus is because its open world and you had to do alot of fetching to finding Ciri which loses focus.

    But then ppl do like this form of storytelling so…

    1. He could have explained his point better without calling everyone that likes The Witcher games idiots. That was uncalled for and shows me that he’s actually quite jealous of the success of the games.

      I think The Witcher 3 is the best game in the trilogy simply because it plays a lot better.

    1. I wouldn’t say he’s bashing the game. I do think he’s incredibly jealous of the success of the games because they overshadow his books. As a writer I can understand that, but calling people idiots for liking the games isn’t the way to do things. He’s not a very humble person.

  4. I’m a lover of SciFi and Fantasy, but I hadn’t heard of him until the Witcher games came along and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were many others like me. I think he owes a lot to the games and fans of the games.

    It’s just rude and completely necessary.

    1. There are many others like you. Before The Witcher games released Sapkowski only had one book had been translated in English and only a few people new about it. He blew up after the games released because some people confused his books with the games and thought that it based on the games when they’re not.

      Sapkowski hates The Witcher games because they’ve seen more success then any book he could ever write.

  5. I think you’ve stated it perfectly. 🙂

    You’d imagine quite a few copies of his books have been sold based on the strength of the games… if he can’t admit to that truth then he’s a sad, sad person.

    1. I agree. The only thing that really bothered me is that he pretty much called us idiots for liking The Witcher games. He should be praising them because most of the new fans that he has is because of The Witcher trilogy of games.

      1. Maybe he is one of the uninformed masses who doesn’t realise just how big video games are? I once worked for a manager who thought the Internet “wouldn’t last” too so its possible… 😉

      2. I don’t think so because in a previous video he said that he used to play Super Mario, but briefly. He just hates all video games. He has a right to obviously, but the thing is he gave CD Projekt Red permission to make the Witcher games. I don’t think he realized how popular it would become. I think maybe he thought it do okay, but not overshadow his own work.

        I can understand his anger, but he shouldn’t insult his fans. He should be proud that we all love the world that he created and that we have a chance to experience that world in a video game.

        And wow… I’ve never met a person that thought the Internet wouldn’t last :].

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