Is It Too Late For Destiny To Release On PC?

Destiny has been out for two years now and has sold very well on consoles. Bungie isn’t against a PC port, but the fact that it hasn’t happened yet means we might not ever get it on PC. Or will we?

This is old news I’m about to talk about here, but it’s relevant to this topic. Last month Bungie was hiring for a PC Compatibility Tester. The only game, that we know of, that Bungie is working on is Destiny. If they’re hiring a PC Compatibility Tester does that mean they’re actively developing a PC port for Destiny? Or is it a new IP that’ll come to PC along with consoles.


I highly doubt that second option because Bungie games rarely go to PC, but since Activision games do there’s a chance that Destiny will make it to PC one day, but is it too late for Destiny to be profitable on PC since everyone already owns it?

The answer, unfortunately, is no because there are many PC gamers, like myself, that don’t own a Xbox or Playstation. I had my fill of Destiny and their unfair DLC policies awhile ago. The only thing that might convince me to get the game again is if it releases with all of the DLC for a set price. People that play Destiny on consoles have purchased the game twice already. It’ll be three times when the next piece of DLC releases for it. I’m getting distracted here so forgive me. That’s a different topic for a different day.

Destiny would sell very well on PC because many PC gamers want it. Bungie would make a shit ton of money and everyone would be happy if it’s done the right way. I think Bungie is going to wait until the final DLC for Destiny drops to announce a PC port for next year. Don’t get confused by that statement. I don’t think they’re going to announce this month or even next month, but I do think it’ll happen before the year ends.

None of this has been confirmed so don’t get too excited about this.

Would you get Destiny if it came to PC bundled with all of the previous DLC?


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

7 thoughts on “Is It Too Late For Destiny To Release On PC?”

  1. To be honest, I was hoping for a release within a year like they originally said, but PC has games like Warframe, which are free, which fill a similar niche already and PC users will probably end up being underwhelmed with destiny…

    1. That won’t stop Destiny from selling well though. It’ll most likely be at the top of the Steam charts for awhile before the popularity dies down.

      I played Destiny and it was very underwhelming to me. I never bothered to buy any of the DLCs.

      I have over 600 hours in Warframe.

  2. If there was a PC version of Destiny I wonder if they’d screw over that player base like they have with Xbox One owners in relation to PlayStation exclusive content?

    I think if they did the more vocal PC community would tear them to shreds… but on the other hand if they give them all of that content they are effectively shutting out Xbox players and that could backfire spectacularly.

    Actually don’t know why I’d care though… I found the game to be a big disappointment. 😛

    1. The PC community would rip Destiny to shreds if that happened. It would get negative reviews up the ass if it didn’t come with all of the DLC too because it’s been out long enough for it to release with everything instead of making people buy it all over again.

      Destiny was a huge disappointment btw. The only way I could ever see myself getting it again would be to review it for the PC platform.

  3. Could be for Destiny 2 maybe? I’d like to see it come to PC. But I’d also like for there to be some kind of cross play because then it wouldn’t split my player group if it did hit PC. I know that’s highly unlikely, but if there was some way to make it so console and PC could play together fairly then I’d love that – maybe there is a way to force controller through something like the xbox app. Alas, it’s probably not possible though.

    1. The playerbase is already split between the Xbox and Playstation. Cross play between console and PC on a FPS would never happen because PC players would have a instant advantage.

      And forcing PC players to use a controller is not a good idea. I never use controllers in my FPS games and I know a lot people that feels the same way I do.

      1. I meant my player Base as I have friends on xbox who play and PC who’d like to play. I know it wouldn’t work because of the precision of m&kb. It would just be cool if there was some kind of option where pc players could potentially do both. But I realise it’s not going to happen.

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