Lets Talk About Resident Evil 7!

I recently had a chance to play Resident Evil 7’s demo on Steam and it only reinforced my opinion that this game will be one of the worst games to release in 2017. 

Resident Evil is going through a serious identity crisis right now.  Is it a action game? A horror game? Or a bit of both? Well… it’s neither of those things right now. It’s a first person shooter/Outlast clone. It’s pretty much Outlast with guns and some survival horror elements. Capcom thinks that just because they bring back the old inventory system, and make ammo sparse that it’s the good ole Resident Evil again.


Lets just ignore the goofy, over the top characters, story, and gameplay that every Resident Evil game is known for and go with Outlast as our inspiration and all the little kids will love it right? Wrong! I don’t want this shit. A first person Resident Evil game that tries it’s best to scare me isn’t something I wanted. Resident Evil Revelations 2 was a good example of Resident Evil going back to it’s roots. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a step in the right direction.

The Evil Within is the best Resident Evil game we’ve had in a long time because it’s made by the guy that started the series and I think it was a great game that I hope gets a sequel some day.

Resident Evil 7 didn’t offer me a single moment that made think it would be a good game. It was boring, tried too hard to be Outlast, and tried way too hard to be scary. If I want to play a first person horror game I’ve got many games to choose from . I didn’t want Resident Evil to go the route every other game developer is going with horror games. I wanted Capcom to stick with the core formula that is Resident Evil and reboot it in a good way. Before any of you fanboys have a chance to say anything I already know that the stage in the demo will not be in the actual game.


That doesn’t make what I experienced any better. I don’t want to go around in first person playing a game that doesn’t resemble Resident Evil at all. I think this game was made for a VR experience and not for core Resident Evil fans. I wouldn’t mind if this was a new horror IP from Capcom, but it’s not. Everything horror from Capcom has to have the name Resident Evil in it and that’s why the series is in the situation that’s in now. It’s gone too far in my opinion and I don’t think I’m going to be purchasing this game until it’s $10 on Steam.

If you’re looking forward to Resident Evil 7 that’s great. I hope you enjoy it, but don’t try and convince me that this game is taking Resident Evil back to it’s roots because it’s not. If Resident Evil was going back to it’s roots it would play more like the older Resident Evil games (which are in third person by the way) then this shit.

Resident Evil 7 looks like your average horror game and that’s not something Resident Evil should ever be.

On a side note I got some serious Silent Hill vibes from this demo. Capcom is doing everything they can to make Resident Evil what it once was by copying every horror game that’s released in the last ten years…


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

16 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Resident Evil 7!”

  1. I played this game from start to finish and couldn’t agree more. It’s boring, there are only about 4 different enemies during the whole game, and it doesn’t feel like RE. I believe this started as its own game and Capcom threw RE on it. The only clue it’s even in the franchise is an Umbrella Corp helicopter that picks you up at the very end after a stupid final boss.

  2. According to your review, yiy cleaely shown that you didn’t liked the game at all. The First Person view is a quite annoying for the hardcore Resident Evil fans. It’s specially nade for VR. But it isn’t true at all. Capcom has made a unique demo, which is totally different from the main game, to be played for RE 7 and Capcom hasn’t revealed much information about the game which doesn’t gives you a clue on what’s the real game is like. So you can’t judge it before it’s release. I think you should be visiting this review on the game – from a small blog which can give you a little more info on how the real game would be and try to change your opinions about the game.

    1. 1. It’s not a review. When I review things I put the word “review” in the title.
      2. I removed your link.

      I can judge it how I see fit based off of what I played and it wasn’t impressive at all to me. This is Outlast with guns not Resident Evil and I don’t need to read someone else’s opinion on it to help me form my own. Capcom has already stated that the entire game will be playable in first person instead of the traditional third person view. I don’t like this change and I won’t bother buying Resident Evil 7 on day one.

      The next time you try and link another blog to mine ask for permission first. Only my followers have that right.

      I stated above that if anyone likes this game that’s completely fine. “I” don’t and I would rather save my money for something else instead of buying this crap.

      Thanks for commenting.

      1. Okay I understand that you didn’t like me trying to convince you for the game’s good….. Sorry for that…… Actually it totally depends on how one thinks about something. Okay leave that thing. Your blog’s a great one and I am thinking of a partnership with you means guest posting, featuring each other’s blog, etc. So do you accept my proposal ??
        It can help both of us so please give it a thought. I will be very obliged if you accept it.

    1. After Revelations 2 I was excited because I thought Capcom was returning Resident Evil to it’s roots with updated gameplay. They went too far in the other direction this time. I didn’t want Outlast with guns I wanted a proper Resident Evil game…

  3. I’m holding off on RE7 for the time being. I like that it’s trying to get away from the series’ current overly action based gameplay but it may well have gone a bit too far the other way. It may well be a top game, but it may not be a Resident Evil game.
    Funnily enough I finished Evil Within last night and didn’t enjoy it all that much. I felt the horror elements didn’t land for me (apart from a couple of well put together scenes that really built some atmosphere) and I found the enemies and bosses rather cheap at times. I think it’s attempt to use stealth wasn’t a good move.

    1. I think the only top list Resident Evil is going to make from me this year is the top 10 worst games of 2017 :).

      I actually think part 6 (the worst one in the series) is better…

      I didn’t mind when Resident Evil became more action oriented. People hail part 4 as being the best one in the series, but ignore that it has just as much action as part 5. Part 6 went overboard with the action and Michael Bay explosions. The Evil Within was great imo. It feels like Resident Evil 4/5 to me. We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one :).

      1. No worries, people like different things and that’s great! I think part of the reason why 4 is lauded so much more the subsequent ones is because it had a sense of humour. 1-4 were cheesy horror movies. Scary, yes, but not completely straight faced. 5 and (especially) 6 lost that and took themselves too seriously. At least that’s my feeling on it. 6 was boring too which didn’t help, although Leon’s campaign had its moments.

      2. Leon’s campaign was the worst in my opinion. My favorite Resident Evil is actually part 5 followed by the original, and Zero. I don’t consider any Resident Evil game “scary”, but they had a great creepy factor to them that was lost over time. I need to go back to part 4 and play it again though. I don’t remember much about it to be honest :).

      3. Part of the reason I would consider it scary is likely the historical factor. Remembering how scary it was at the age I played it will have an impact on how I experience it, even playing it back now. I never did get around to playing Zero though!

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