Lets Talk About Those Metroid Prime 4 Rumors!

Deus Ex composer Alexander Brandon recently started working with Retro Studios. Shortly after his announcement on his Facebook page the Internet went crazy with Metroid Prime 4 rumors. Is Retro Studios working on the next big Metroid game? 

Would you like another game in the Metroid Prime series? The fact that there are rumors about another Metroid game makes me happy even if they (most likely) will turn out to be false it might make Nintendo realize that we really want a new Metroid game.

Retro Studios has been busy working on a secret project lately. When fans asked them what they were working on they tweeted out a picture of prime ribs. Those ribs looked really good, but that’s not point. Is this a clue that they’re working on another Metroid Prime game? Or are they just trolling us and playing with our feelings? That tweet is really old, but that hasn’t stopped the Internet, and some famous Youtubers from talking about it recently. Since E3 is right around the corner will we be seeing a sneak peek into their new game? I would love to play another Metroid Prime game. I’ll settle for remasters of the first three games at this point. Don’t let Metroid become the new Mega Man. Do something with this IP and make us all very, very happy gamers.

What do you think of this? If this is Metroid Prime 4 would you be interested in playing it?


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

9 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Those Metroid Prime 4 Rumors!”

  1. Ugh, damn you Nintendo for giving me ANOTHER reason to buy a Switch! That is… If I can find one…

    Great post BTW! To be honest though, I’d kill for a re-release of the first three Metroid Primes on top of Metriod Prime 4. That way, I’d be able to marathon the whole Prime series from the comforts of my bed!

    ~Ryan from Games with Coffee

    1. I’m just happy we’re getting another Metroid game. I never thought two of them would be announced though! I think we’ll end up with remasters of trilogy to hype part 4. I haven’t played them years so it’ll be like playing them for the first time again :).

      1. Yeah I know! It’s funny how they announced a remake to Metroid 2; a couple months ago, a fan released a remake to the game and it was so good, Nintendo told em to take it down!

  2. I’d kill for a new metroid prime game. One of my favourite series. That tweet witht he prime ribs is hilarious! Let’s hope it’s true. If it does get announced, I’m getting a switch ASAP

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