Lets Talk About The Surge!

The Surge is the new action game on the block that was inspired by Dark Souls and I would love to come here and sing it’s praises, but I can’t because the fucking game doesn’t work. 

The Surge is a Sci Fi spin on Dark Souls, but to call it a clone would be a disservice to it. Lords of The Fallen was a straight up Dark Souls clone, but The Surge isn’t. It borrows a few things from the Soul series, but it has it’s own identity. I love the setting of this game and where it takes place, but there’s a big problem that’s preventing me from playing it. It crashes… a lot. When I say a lot I don’t mean one crash every few hours. I mean 7 to 8 crashes every hour if I’m lucky. Every 5-10 minutes the game will crash. I was very surprised when I managed to get 2 hours of play time this morning before the game crashed again. I have no idea why this happening and nothing I’ve tried has worked so far.

I’ve disabled my V-sync, turn my settings down, and even tried running the game in Windows 8 compatibility mode and that didn’t work either. I just disabled my G-sync, but I don’t know if that’s going to work since I’m currently waiting for the game to reinstall on my PC. I tried a fresh install to see if that would fix the problem. I hope it does because I really want to play it. The Surge is a really cool game. I love how I can target a certain part of a enemy’s body and rip it off to use as a crafting component or weapon. The way you get new weapons in this game is by ripping the limbs off of your opponent.

My entire armor set that I’m currently wearing used to be attached to other people in the factory that I’m exploring. The main protagonist must be in constant pain while he walks around and kills shit because of what happened to him in the beginning of the game. I want to recommend this game to Dark Souls fans, but I can’t because it doesn’t work. Everyone I know is having problems with the game. It constantly crashes all the time for everyone. Stay away from this title until some patches release. I don’t even know if I can review it because I can’t play for long before I’m staring at my desktop again or restarting my PC because task manager can’t close the program.

Do you have The Surge? What do you think of it?


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

11 thoughts on “Lets Talk About The Surge!”

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    1. I managed to get about 2 hours yesterday before it crashed again. I don’t mind environments,but I do mind those op staff wielding maniacs :).

      1. From what I’ve noticed they’re optional enemies. They don’t attack you, but I really wanted their gear so I killed them :).

      2. I love it because it hits hard, and is fast as hell. I can knock enemies up in the air, smash them on their heads and stun them, or hit multiple enemies by swinging it around. It doesn’t do as much damage as the heavier weapons, but it out damages the chainsword quite easily imo. Longer range, better moveset, and if you don’t like it you can always use it to complete a quest further down the road :).

      3. Thanks! That was my third episode. I was pretty sick when I recorded that and tried my best to sound normal. I always have a lot of fun talking with Chuck, and Brad. We’re so different, but we get our points across really well :). Thanks for listening!

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