Lets Talk About Starcrawlers!

I’ve been interested in Starcrawlers for a long time, but never brought it because it was in early access. It’s officially released and it’s really good. 

Starcrawlers plays like a old school rpg from the 90s. If you’ve ever played Shining in the Darkness or the Legend of Grimrock games you’ll know exactly what to expect here. It’s not a clone of either of those two games though. Starcrawlers is a Sci-Fi game with turn based combat. There’s multiple classes to choose from and it has a well written story, and dialogue too.

That last part surprised me because I didn’t buy this game expecting a good story. I just wanted it for the gameplay and Cyberpunk setting, but I got both. The dialogue reminds me of a Shadowrun game, but it’s not as deep or engaging as those games can be. The gameplay is completely turn based. Whenever I run into a enemy I’m transported to the battlefield. Everyone has a turn to attack. I really like how different each class plays in, and out of combat. Taking different classes along brings up different dialogue options in certain situations. My psychotic A.I. teammate can make friends with killer robots and help us avoid combat. My Hacker can hack into locked doors and containers to help speed things along so I don’t have to waste time looking for the code. I haven’t tried every class out yet, but I really want to. They’re all really interesting and I’m probably going to play through game a few times before I’m finished with it.

Starcrawlers is a surprising game. I didn’t expect this amount of quality for the price that I paid for it. It’s a great little game that I can’t wait to finish and write a review for.

Have you tried Starcrawlers? What did you think of it?


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

4 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Starcrawlers!”

    1. Thanks! The Steam queue is amazing. I check mine everyday and I’ve found some gems to play that way.

      The game is as long as you want it to be. You can just focus on the story or you can just ignore the story and do as many missions as you want. The game also has new game plus, but it’s only available after you complete the story.

      1. The story in Starcrawlers isn’t long, but it’s definitely not a 15 hour game. If you’re looking for something short I can recommend Hollow Knight, and Cosmic Star Heroine. Cosmic Star Heroine is like the love child of Phantasy Star, and Chrono Trigger, but not as good as either game :).

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