Why I still Have Hope For a True Pokemon Game Coming To The Nintendo Switch

I’ve been incredibly disappointed these last few days since Nintendo announced that the only Pokemon game we’re getting on the Switch this year was released on the Wii U previously, but if we’re going by history then we could expect to see one of the core games on the Switch soon. 

Pokemon Ultra Moon/Sun was a huge announcement, but it became a huge disappointment to many Pokemon fans, myself included, when we realized that it would not be coming to the Switch at all this year. It’s a 3DS exclusive and will probably be sold alongside the New 2DS later this year. I don’t plan on buying any new games for my 3DS after I get Fire Emblem Echoes. The last Pokemon game had performance issues, and didn’t even have 3D support. I can only imagine the issues this “new” one is going to have. I was prepared to throw my money at the screen in joy for Pokemon Stars, but I really don’t want another Pokemon game on the 3DS.

I did some digging and realized something. Every time new hardware releases for Nintendo we never get a new Pokemon game along with it. Gold/Silver released a year after the Gameboy Color, Ruby/Sapphire released a year after the Advance, and Diamond/Pearl released TWO years after the DS launch. Pokemon Emerald, and Black/White 2 released on previous gen after the latest consoles were released. These aren’t the first Pokemon games to do this and they probably won’t be the last. I think the Switch Pokemon game is still a ways off and probably isn’t ready for a reveal yet. It would be nice if it was at least announced so I could have something to look forward to this year, but that’s Nintendo for you…

I think we’re going to get Gen 8 Pokemon on the Switch. I think Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon is the last we’re going to see of Gen 7 and I think it’s last Pokemon game we’ll get on the 3DS. Gen 7 is one of my favorite generations of Pokemon. Pokemon Sun/Moon took everything we knew about Pokemon and changed it. Gym battles were replaced with trials, and we actually got a good story for once. I’m excited to see what happens next with the series, but I want the next game on better hardware. The 3DS is ancient and needs to go, but I understand why Nintendo is still supporting it from a business standpoint. Hopefully we’ll see less, and less 3DS games announced going into next year and more Switch titles. I can think of many games on the 3DS that I would love to see continued on the Switch.

What do you think? Are we getting a Pokemon game on Switch? Why we’re on the topic, what are some games you would like to see migrate from the 3DS to the Nintendo Switch?


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

15 thoughts on “Why I still Have Hope For a True Pokemon Game Coming To The Nintendo Switch”

  1. I think your prediction sounds right – Ultra Sun/Moon are going to sell really well on the 3/2DS but at the time it was being developed Nintendo probably weren’t sure of how well the Switch would go so they were probably being safe with the platform choice.

  2. good observation and makes total sense. All their handhelds sell so well so this makes perfect sense why they do it. I’m hopeful again!

  3. I think more games will come for the Switch after its mega popularity! Perhaps developers were waiting to see how it would sell…
    A Pokemon game will come and it will be epic!

    1. I hope so. I’m a huge Pokemon fan and I would love to be able to play my favorite handheld series on the Switch. I feel like they were made for each other :).

  4. I was disappointed at not even the mere mention of a main line Pokemon game on Switch. And it didn’t even dawn on me either the mere fact that SuMo ran like crap on the 3DS! It’s antiquated, aging hardware that is on its way out.

    I’m getting Ever Oasis in a few weeks, and it still bums me out that I have a brand new shiny Switch console that sits in the charging port 99.9% of the time, only leaving it when I want to play a few races of Mario Kart. I want to move on, I’m trying!

    1. Disgaea 5 gives me a reason to use my Switch regularly. I’m in love with that game and it’s giving me that Fire Emblem fix that I’ve been craving the last few months. After that I’m moving on to Breath of the Wild, and Mario Kart. By the time I finish those we’ll hopefully have Super Smash Bros, and Monster Hunter on the Switch. I think that last one is a stretch, but I can dream right?

      1. Glad you found one you’re liking though! I remember you saying your first purchases didn’t go over so well…

        Monster Hunter is pretty much a lock – it’s already introduced in Japan with cross-platform gameplay and that series blew up in the west with the last few installments.

      2. Puyo Puyo Tetris, Kamiko, and Has-Been-Heroes are all average games at best in my opinion. I don’t like any of them. Disgaea 5 is great and is the reason why I turn my Switch on. Can’t wait for Breath of the Wild to get here :).

  5. I think I fell away after Pokémon Black and Pokémon White, so I haven’t played the newer ones. I would have been willing to jump back on had Nintendo decided to release the new title on Switch. I think I’ll keep waiting as I was disappointed with the news too.

    1. The new ones are so good. Pokemon Sun/Moon was a much needed breath of fresh air for the series. I was hoping that the next installment of that series would be on the Switch, but it looks like we might have to wait a little longer before we can get our Pokemon fix on it :(.

      1. I’ve heard good things about Pokemon Sun/Moon. It’s a shame as I would’ve preferred to try the next iteration of it on the Switch. LOVE my Switch! 🙂

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