Lets Talk About Nintendo’s Press Conference!

I told everyone that if Nintendo announced a Pokemon game then they would win E3 for me… Well it happened and I’m fucking happy! 

I don’t believe what I saw today. Nintendo dropped two huge games today. Metroid Prime 4, and a Pokemon game. What is going on here? Since when did Nintendo start listening to what we wanted?

Even though I loved those two announcements I have to be fair. We only got name drops for both Pokemon, and Metroid Prime 4. I don’t think it’s fair to say they won E3 based off those two titles alone… but that’s what I’m doing because I’m not objective and the Pokemon fan in me is going crazy right now.

Lets start with what I liked about the conference

The Big Pokemon Announcement

This was my favorite announcement at E3. I know we didn’t see any gameplay, but the fact that they’re working on a Pokemon game for the Switch makes me really happy. I can’t wait to see what this game looks like on the Switch. It’s going to be glorious…

Super Mario Odyssey Looks Like A Game of The Year Contender

I’ve been waiting a really long time to play another Mario game like this. This game looks fantastic and I can’t wait to buy it. October is stacked with great games…

Metroid Prime 4

Another Metroid game. Do I even need to tell you that I’m going to buy it? This was another announcement with no gameplay, but I’m excited that it’s been announced so we can stop wondering when it’ll be announced.


Yoshi is probably my favorite Nintendo character outside of Mario himself. The gameplay, graphics, and level design has me really wanting this new Yoshi game. The co op gameplay is also a huge selling point to me because I can play this with my kids and have fun.

Kirby Looks Like A Good Time

Kirby is coming to the Nintendo Switch. This game looks really good, and action packed. I don’t know if it’s a day one buy, but I’m definitely interested.

Xenoblade 2 Is Releasing This Year! 

I didn’t think we would see this game until next year, but Nintendo surprised me when they announced that it would be coming to all of us this year. I’m really excited to play this game since I loved X and from what I’ve seen of this game it looks to recapture the magic that the previous game had on the Wii U.

We’re Getting A TWO Metroid Games. One For The Switch And One For The 3DS!

If Metroid Prime didn’t make you tingle in places this game should! Metroid is going back to it’s roots

And here’s what I didn’t like from today’s show

That Breath of The Wild DLC Looked Weak

I love Breath of The Wild, but I want to know what the second DLC is before I throw $20 at the screen. I did not like what I saw today and I’m hoping the second DLC gives us something because I can live without purchasing this season pass.

I Wanted Gameplay of Fire Emblem Warriors Not Another Trailer… 

I know I’m going to love this game, but I’m tired of all of the trailers. Give us some gameplay already!

And here’s what I’m undecided on

Not Sure I Want To Own Rocket League Twice

Rocket League can be fun, but it quickly got repetitive to me. I’m not in love with the game and don’t really care much for it. I know there’s people out there that’ll love to play it on the go and if my wife buys it I’ll buy it, but if she doesn’t I won’t.

The Verdict:

Nintendo had a short conference, but I enjoyed it. They didn’t show much, but what they announced has me very excited for the future of the Switch and I can’t wait for Pokemon to make it’s debut on the console. This E3 has been fun because I got to watch it with my family for the first time and there’s a handful of games that I am looking forward to. I’ll go more depth on that on my next piece.


If you don’t agree with my choices that’s fine. Lets have a conversation like adults. Let me know what wowed you today from Nintendo’s press conference :).


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

10 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Nintendo’s Press Conference!”

  1. Nintendo appealed a lot to demand and gave the fans what they wanted. And I admit to getting very hyped for just about everything they talked about. It was a solid presentation. I wish there were more details for Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon Switch, but I’m sure those games are very early on.

    1. I think they didn’t show of Pokemon because they didn’t want to steal the thunder from Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon and the New 2DS that they’re pushing this year. I think the new Pokemon Switch game is further along then everyone thinks it is.

      I could say the same thing for Metroid Prime 4 too since a new Metroid game is releasing this year for the 3DS too.

      1. Great point about Pokemon! There is thunder to be stolen with the core Pokemon game. I’m not so sure about Metroid since the 2D and 3D games feel so different, but maybe. I’m guessing they’re just not far along and ready to show anything with either game.

    1. I liked everything lol. I plan on owning Kirby (not day one, but eventually), Yoshi, Mario, Samus Returns, Metroid Prime 4, and Pokemon. Fire Emblem Warriors too, but not if releases in October.

    1. I think every Metroid fa is happy Metroid Prime 4 is happening. I also love that we’re getting a old school Metroid game too. I’m getting that on the 3DS while I wait for Prime!

    1. I enjoyed everything they decided to show off :), I agree with you. This E3 has just been filled with trailers and very little gameplay to get people excited. I still enjoyed myself though.

      And Mario Odyssey looks like a goty contender in my opinion :).

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