Top 10 Games of 2017 So Far

This year is going by fast for me. It’s already July and there has been some really good games released already. Here are my top 10 games of 2017 so far. 

I do one of these list every year. This list is possibly the best “so far” list I’ve ever made.

10. Starcrawlers

I love Cyberpunk shit. This game is like a mix of Shadowrun, and Legends of Grimrock. It has excellent gameplay, graphics, and told a good story that plays out differently for every faction you align yourself with.

Click here for the review.

9. The Surge

This game would be much higher if it wasn’t for the major performance issues that it had. I have no idea if they’ve been fixed or not and I’m in no rush to find out. The Surge is a really good game that gave me my Dark Souls fix and I would love to see this world expanded on in the future.

Click here for the review.

8. Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is a creepy good time. It’s a short game and can be completed in under 4 hours, but I love the aesthetic, lore, and story of this game. It’s one of most memorable games I’ve played this year and I highly recommend it.

Click here for the review.

7. Tales of Berseria

This game has the potential to be number 1 on my list. The reason why it’s not is because of the gameplay. It’s really repetitive to play and every difficulty level is easy to me. What this game does have is a fantastic story, great voice acting, and a very memorable cast of characters. They’re the best in this series by far.

6. Everspace

I don’t need to be able to land on planets and mine for useless shit in my space games. Everspace gave me what I wanted and that’s nonstop action in a randomly generated world. I learned something new after every failed attempt and, unlike other games, this one doesn’t punish me for losing to the rng gods.

5. For Honor

For Honor is a great game. Forget about the microtransaction controversy and the “lack of players” thing for a second. This game has fantastic gameplay, level design, and characters to play with. Everyone plays differently and as long as you have the skill you can win in this game.

Click here for the review.

4. The Elder Scrolls Legends

I love card games. I’m a huge Magic player, both digitally and physically, and after Gwent disappointed me I moved on to this game and I’ve been hooked ever since. This game is well balanced, isn’t pay to win, and has fantastic art work on the cards. I can’t recommend this game enough to my fellow card game players.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

Breath of The Wild is the best Zelda I’ve played in a long time, but it’s not the best Zelda game I’ve ever played. The world design is great and exploring it is equally great. The gameplay is serviceable enough to keep me invested in it and the performance is really good. It’s one of the best games on Switch hands down and if you own a Switch you most likely own Breath of The Wild.

2. Mass Effect: Andromeda

The heat that this game has right now is insane. It’s popular to hate on this game so everyone does it, but this game is a true Mass Effect game. The storytelling isn’t what we’re used to getting from Bioware, but it’s not terrible. I really enjoyed getting to know my new squad, discovering new planets, and kicking the shit out of the Kett from one side of the galaxy to the other.

Click here for my review.

1. Disgaea 5

The best game on the Switch is Disgaea 5. This game is funny, has great gameplay, a good cast of likable characters, and a good story too. SRPGs are one of my favorite genres and this game is shaping up to be one of my favorite SRPGs of all time. It’s that good and I can’t wait to finish it.

And that wraps up my top 10 games of 2017 so far. What are your top games of the year?


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

11 thoughts on “Top 10 Games of 2017 So Far”

  1. BOTW is definitely up there for me. I haven’t played much else that came out this year besides some indies, really loved Cosmic Star Heroine.

    Tried out the Disgaea 5 demo, was pretty fun, seems like it’s worth jumping into the full game at some point. Just need to find a good time when i can commit to it

    1. Disgaea 5 is a really long game. You can easily get 100+ hours from it. I’m no near done with it, but what little I’ve played is amazing. I haven’t played enough of Cosmic Star Heroine it to say it’s one of the best of the year yet.

  2. Really liked Everspace. Good space sims are few and far between so I like to grab one when I can. I was a little disappointed that the movement system was more akin to Descent than Freespace et al but it was still a solid experience.

    1. Same here. Everspace was a surprise hit for me. I’ve played so many bad space sims that I didn’t expect much from the game, but it’s really good. I still haven’t completed, but I will one day if the black holes stop sucking me in :).

  3. Breath of the Wild is one of those games that really lives up to the hype. With its nonlinear design, I see it as the true spiritual successor to the original Zelda. Then again, this has been a really solid year for gaming; I’m looking forward to seeing what the second half has in store.

    1. You’re definitely entitled to your opinion. Exploring Breath of The Wild is fun for sure, but, like I mentioned above, it’s not the best Zelda game in my opinion and will probably drop on my list to the middle when I play some more games later this year.

      1. I agree with that. Ocarina of Time will probably always be my favorite Zelda followed closely by the original, and Majora’s Mask. Fantastic games.

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