Lets Talk About Path of Exile!

I randomly decided to revisit Path of Exile and test out my birthday present that came in the mail yesterday and I’m addicted to this game again. 
I haven’t played Path of Exile in a long time. Lots of things have changed since then. I got the Razer DeathAdder for my birthday yesterday and I decided to test this beast of a mouse out today in a few games. So far I’ve tried Fallout 4, Borderlands 2, Galactic Civilizations 3, and Path of Exile.

This is the best mouse I’ve ever owned and I’ve fallen in love with it in just under 24 hours.

Path of Exile is still awesome. There are a bunch of new acts for my character to complete and this time I’m bringing the fight to the gods themselves. I rolled a new character so it’s going to take some time before I get that far, but I’m really excited. Unfortunately, I’m playing by myself this time around because my wife isn’t a fan of Path of Exile (she prefers Diablo III) and my brother’s PC is a piece of shit that can’t even run Borderlands 2.

I don’t mind being a solo act in this game. It’s fun as hell and my new level 34 warrior is wrecking everything in his path. I right-click for my aoe attacks and drop a totem for the boss fights. I haven’t played this game in awhile, but it looks much better than I remember. I wonder if it’s had a graphical upgrade. It wouldn’t be the first MMO to have one. Warframe has had a few over the last few years.

The best thing about Path of Exile for me is the performance. The desync is completely gone. This game has performed flawlessly for me over the last few days. I’m getting about 135 fps and it dips down to 125 during intense moments. It’s absolutely brilliant and I haven’t lost connection a single time. I love it.

Path of Exile is everything I want in an action RPG and I love the fact that new content is regularly added to the game. This last expansion gave us 6 new acts to play through. 6! I wish Blizzard would do something similar with Diablo III instead of giving us one new area in Adventure Mode every year.

What do you think of Path of Exile? Do you play it?


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

9 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Path of Exile!”

  1. Hell yes! I play this too! (Just started actually… I haven’t even got thru the first act yet!). I even wrote a post about it.

    I totally agree, this is a great game. Also that mouse is awesome!

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to use it as much as I would like to, but so far I’m love with it. I’ve been really sick the last few days :(.

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