Lets Talk About Stardew Valley (Switch)

I was trying to make up my mind between this game and Axiom Verge and decided to go with my favorite farming game. I already own this game on PC, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to play it on the go on my Nintendo Switch. 

I really like the Switch port of this game. The loading screens are a little long to me (I don’t have loading screens on the PC version) and I’m disappointed that there are no touch controls for handheld mode, but those are literally my only complaints on this game. I love this game and even though it’s not my favorite version of it I’m still having a great time with it.

Stardew Valley looks nice and crisp on the Switch’s 720p screen. It looks nice on TV mode too, but I like to play this game while relaxing in my bed before I fall asleep. There’s nothing like watering some plants, flirting with women and delving down into a dungeon for some ore before bedtime right? The Switch version of the game runs flawlessy. I haven’t encountered any bugs or crashes at all. I also appreciate the $15 price tag. Most games on the eshop are incredibly overpriced (Deemo) and it’s nice to see a game launch for the same price as it did on every other platform.

Stardew Valley on the Switch is worth the asking price and more. It’s fun, has a nice story, well written characters and I love building my farm from the ground up. The Switch version won’t see as much play time as the PC one, but it’s still a really good game that I recommend to Harvest Moon fans everywhere.

What do you think of Stardew Valley? Have you played it before? Do you have it on the Switch?


Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

3 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Stardew Valley (Switch)”

  1. just picked it up for the Switch as a first time player, and it’s great! I’m just about to finish spring, but there just seems to be so much to do. I made the mistake of spending 2000 gold for cauliflower and planted the seeds, just to find out i don’t have enough days left in spring for it to bloom… you live and you learn 😦

    i do agree, loading times are a bit long, and the game can stutter a bit, but that’s very rare.

  2. I just picked up the game for my first time on the Switch and I am enjoying it so far. It is definitely a perfect fit with the portability – just being able to lie down after a long day and go through the simple motions of farming is a great way to relax!

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