Deemo Review

Deemo is a like Guitar Hero, but with a piano. 

The Great:


The most important thing about a music game is the soundtrack. The soundtrack is great. There are some songs that I don’t like, but I’m in love with a good chunk of them. Some songs sound made me feel like I was listening to an old school Disney film while some sounded like boss fight music. There’s a song in the game that sounds like an awesome Castlevania boss fight. There is voice acting in the game, but you’ll only hear characters speak when you touch them with your finger. The cutscenes are all voiceless and really well done.


Deemo is a beautiful game. The aesthetic is amazing. I love the artwork before the song starts. My only complaint is the lack of imagination that went into actually playing the songs. It’s just a dull gray background with falling notes. Scrolling down each song and checking out all of the art is a visual treat.


I mentioned how much I love the artwork, but I left out one huge feature that they offer us. The artwork tells the story of Deemo along with the in game cutscenes. When I started Deemo I had no idea what I would experience. I thought it was this happy game with music, but it was far from it. This game is depressing, and beautiful. As I learned more about Deemo’s history the more I realized what a gem I was playing. This is much more than a simple music game and I’ll leave it at that to avoid giving out major spoilers.

The Good:


Deemo is a music game that plays similarly to Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The big difference is that it’s touch screen. I don’t need to hook any instruments up to my TV in order to play this game. I can just touch the falling notes with my fingers. I know I made that sound really easy, but it’s far from it. Deemo is easy to learn and really hard to master. The later tracks in the game will take a true master to complete. I’ve managed to do hard level 8 and 9 songs with no problem, but level 10 songs still kick my ass. I really like that I can customize the speed of the game to my liking. 1-4 is too slow for me while 5 and 6 is where I’m most comfortable. Anything higher than that is too fast for me.


You won’t complete this game unless you do some exploring. It’s nothing deep, but it gets the job done. I liked navigating the strange world of Deemo and I enjoyed finding new songs in places I didn’t think they would be. If there’s ever a sequel to this game I would like some more areas to be explorable.

The Bad:

No TV Support:

This isn’t a major issue. It’s more of a nitpick than anything. The only way to experience this game is in handheld mode. There are plans to add controller support so we can play on the TV and I hope it’s done well. I really loved playing through this game in handheld mode though and I don’t know if this game would even be playable with a controller.

The Verdict:

Deemo is the best music game I’ve ever played because of it’s story. The soundtrack is great, the aesthetic is amazing, and in the end I was left wanting more from this game. It’s one of the best games I’ve played on the Switch and I have no problem recommending this game. It’s worth $30 in my opinion because of all of the extra songs that are in this game. There’s a lot of value here and if you’ve never played this game you should. It’s really good.



Author: Drakulus

I'm a hardcore gamer that enjoys every type of genre there is. I'm also a father of four kids, two girls and two boys, and love to write about whatever pops into my head.

9 thoughts on “Deemo Review”

    1. Deemo is definitely worth the asking price if you love pianos. It has a lot of music in it. I’m still unlocking new songs and I’ve already completed the game.

      1. I have and it’s fun. I prefer Deemo because it has better music and a much better story, but Voez is really good too and it’s $5 cheaper. It doesn’t matter which game you decide to get you’re in for a good time.

  1. Great review man! I’ve seriously been thinking about picking up this game, and this review helped. I love the artwork, and I think I would really enjoy the music selections. I wasn’t even aware it had a story. Maaaan, another great-looking game I need to pick up one day!

    1. $30 might be a tough sale to most people, but the story makes it worth it dude. It’s so good. Deemo sort of flew under the radar. I highly recommend it :). And if you love pianos you’ll love the tracks in this game.

      1. Mmm, yeah, I’d totally be in it for the music. It seems like a game with a lot of content, so it’s not so much the money as much as it is too many other games fighting for my attention on Switch! And that’s a good thing!

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