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5 Must-Have Mods For Greedfall

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I’ve written very little on Greedfall here and that’s about to change. I actually really like Greedfall and I never did get around to writing that review I said I would do back in September and I blame that on Borderlands 3. When that game released I dropped everything I was doing and just focused on that until I completed it. So, sorry about that Greedfall. To make up for it I’ve decided to write about 5 must-have mods for Greedfall!


This mod adds sheathes to your characters. It always bugged me that we just pulled our swords out of our asses every time we started a fight. This mod lets us see our weapons on our back. It’s a quality of life improvement that might seem like nothing, but once I tried it I realized how much it added to my game. If you scroll down to the optional section you can even make your ring visible. How cool is that?

Camera Overhaul

Camera Overhaul is probably the most important mod on this list. It reworks the game’s camera and FOV. Here’s what it does –

Increases the MAX multiplier of FOV slider from 1.5 to 2.0.
Removes camera bob.
Removes camera shake in combat (Thank you Heas!)
Disables the auto center on controller. (Thank you Heas!)
Normalizes most FOV changes, like when unsheathing sword, fights etc.

This quality of life mod made playing Greedfall so much better and I highly recommend downloading it if you’re playing on PC.

Equipment No Requirements

Did you ever find a really neat weapon or armor set that you couldn’t wear because you didn’t have the required stats? I did too and that’s why this mod is so useful. I already went through the trouble of finding this rare piece of gear or beating that tough boss. I shouldn’t have to respec my character just to wear a piece of armor on my chest.

Slots For Every Weapon

Not every weapon can be upgraded in Greedfall. This mod fixes that. You can even insert slots on legendary weapons. Can this mod break your game? Probably, but it’s a lot of fun and very useful mod for those of us that don’t want to respec every time we find something cool.

Merchants Sell Memory Crystals

Memory crystals are pretty rare in the base game. This mod lets you buy memory crystals from merchants and it’s a great way to perfect your build. If you don’t like something about your character you can easily change it with this mod.

And that wraps up my list of must-have mods for Greedfall. Greedfall is a great game on its own and these mods make it even better.

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Share Your Thoughts!