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5 Things I Want To See In Resident Evil 7

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Resident Evil has been around for a long time and it’s seen some drastic changes over the years. Some of the changes are great while others I can do without. Here are five things I want to see in Resident Evil 7. 

5. Good Gameplay


The gameplay in Resident Evil 6 is some of the best I’ve ever played in a third person shooter, but it could use some tweaking. Crawling around on all fours or sliding under zombies before I shot them in the face was awesome and I really hope that Capcom not only keeps the gameplay in Resident Evil 7, but they improve upon it too.

4. Bring The Survival Horror Elements Back


Resident Evil Revelations 2 successfully mixed action with survival horror. I was always low on ammo, before I got the infinite ammo :], and I had to decide if I should shoot that zombie in front of me of sneak up behind it and assassinate it. Can you imagine how awesome it would be if Capcom added sneaking along with the gameplay from Resident Evil 6? Searching every nook and cranny for ammo is part of what made Resident Evil so fun. Part 6 took that away, but I think we’ll see another survival horror game in Resident Evil 7.

3. Bring Jake And Sherry Back


I don’t about you, but I loved Jake and Sherry. Jake started off caring only for himself and his paycheck. As the game progressed he changed and he developed as a character. Since Albert Wesker is his father I think it’ll be only natural for him to go up against Alex Wesker at some point. We all know we’re not done with Alex just yet.

2. Keep The Co Op Going


Resident Evil has become one of my all time favorite co op games. I can sit down with my wife and play splitscreen co op with her. Do not take away the multiplayer in Resident Evil. Resident Evil Revelations 2 proved that you can still have a good survival horror game with co op. I do not want my partner to be useless though. Give my wife’s character a gun please… not a fucking flashlight.

1. Multiple Campaigns


One thing I really enjoyed about Resident Evil 6 was the multiple campaigns. I wouldn’t mind having them in another Resident Evil game, but instead of making them short campaigns make them full Resident Evil campaigns. I would love to see Sheva make a return to Resident Evil in some way. Capcom can even introduce some new blood to the series since all of the main characters are getting up there in age.

I didn’t put “make it scary” because no Resident Evil game was ever scary to begin with. They were creepy, but not scary. Every Resident Evil game has had some creepy locales for us to play through, but I never felt scared through any of them.

This wraps up my list of what I want to see in Resident Evil 7. What do you want to see? Do you prefer the old school Resident Evil gameplay over the newer ones?

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  • Reply
    Apr 08, 2015 9:49 am

    Please no more co-op and FUCK multiple campaigns. Look at what happened to RE6, it was a mess for putting in a lot of characters and the story just was big pile of crap.

    • Reply
      Apr 08, 2015 10:24 am

      To each their own. I love the co op experience in the Resident Evil games. I’m guessing you’re one of those people that misses the crappy gameplay/voice acting.

      You can still have a good co op game and keep all of the horror elements in it. If you don’t like co op don’t play with anyone, but there are those of us that really enjoy playing with other people. I can understand not wanting co op in Resident Evil, but I think having multiplayer not only gives the game a ton of replayabiity, but it also lets us have fun with our friends/family.

      I’m all for some more co op Resident Evil and if Revelations 2 is anything to go by the next Resident Evil game will most likely have co op.

  • Reply
    Apr 08, 2015 9:59 pm

    Challenging Puzzles should return.

    • Reply
      Apr 09, 2015 10:13 am

      I completely forgot about the puzzles :]. I wouldn’t say they were challenging. You just had to pay close attention to the clues that are given to you. I do miss them though.

  • Reply
    The Otaku Judge
    Apr 09, 2015 12:07 pm

    If they make RE7 like Revelations 2 I will be happy. The only thing I ask is for no shooting enemies. I don’t want cover based combat in a RE game.

    • Reply
      Apr 09, 2015 1:33 pm

      There weren’t any shooting enemies in Revelations 2 right?

      I’m not completely against it because I really enjoyed part 5 and I think the zombies did shoot, but it was only with crossbows. Revelations 2 was fun without any shooting enemies and I think it was a good mix of action and horror. I think the series is heading in the right direction and I think Capcom is trying to bring the survival horror feeling back into Resident Evil.

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