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60 Hours Of The Witcher 3 And I’m Still Not Done Yet

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I’ve already put in 60 hours in The Witcher 3 and I’m not even close to finishing the game yet. I actually just got to Novigrad yesterday and that city is huge. 

During my travels I’ve slain a griffon, helped the baron reunite with his family, banged a mage, and reunited with Triss. I’ve watched beautiful sunsets, and sunrises, fought off packs of wild wolves, killed a golem 10 levels higher than me on horseback, won two fighting tournaments,  a horse race, and explored the depths of the sea.

I specialize in using alchemy mixed with signs. I potion for every situation that arises and I love burning shit with Igni. To say that this game is huge would be an understatement. This game is jam packed full of things for us to do. The side quest are just as good as the main story even though they do have a certain repetitiveness to them. The voice acting is top notch for most npcs.

news_the_witcher_3_new_images-15919What I love the most about this game is how dark it is. It doesn’t try to please everyone by making it socially aware to gender equality or by making Geralt gay. The developers made the game the way they wanted to and I applaud them for that. I had to go up against a fetus at one point and I loved it. I love how this game treats me like an adult. This is dark fantasy at it’s best.

No developer should have to worry about how people would view their game and CD Projekt Red obviously didn’t think about it while they were making The Witcher 3.

The majority of my time has been spent doing side quest and exploring the land around me. I completely forgot about my main quest because I was so wrapped up in the amazing side quest. I did get a little tired of all of them pretty much being the same way, but since they told good stories it didn’t really matter that much in the end because I ended up enjoying them and that’s all that really matters in the end.

witcher2The Witcher 3 in many ways feels like Skyrim to me. I can just go off and explore and make my own adventures and come back with some sweet loot to show off and one hell of a tale to tell my friends. This vast world that we have to explore is beautiful and I plan on taking my sweet time going through it and experiencing everything there is to do until I complete it.

I’ve done so much during my 60 hours that it would take multiple articles to really tell you how much I adore this game. If you haven’t brought The Witcher 3 yet you should. It’s by far the best game that’s come out this year so far and I can’t wait to jump back in and continue Geralt’s story.

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  • Reply
    Jun 01, 2015 11:42 am

    Seems like you and I are charting the same course. I just reached Novigrad at 40 hours, but am essentially using it as a staging post to finishing everything in Velen before I head out to Skellige.

    Can’t get enough of this game at the moment. I’ve loved every second of it. There’s just no lull in the entertainment. Great post.

    • Omar Jackson
      Jun 01, 2015 8:54 pm

      Thanks. I’m about 80 hours in now and I’ve done just about everything there is to do in Novigrad including the gwent, and horse race quest.

      Gwent is a lot of fun and I wish I would have wrote about it in my post.

      I actually just solved a really long side quest chasing down a serial killer. It was pretty awesome :].

      Thanks for reading.

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