I’m Back! [Again] And I Finally Got A Volt Prime In Warframe! :]

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Hey Lunaliah here and i’m finally back. I’ve been playing Warframe a lot lately and i’m finally getting a Volt Prime. I’m so excited that I’m finally about to get my first prime Warframe :].  My man, a.k.a. Drakulus,  has a ton of prime Warframes and he doesn’t know how to share :[

Anyways, I’ve been trying to get my hands on a Volt Prime Warframe for the longest time. I’ve been playing Warframe about 3-4 years now and i think i deserve a Prime for all that grinding they put me though. Drakulus has started giving me 170 platinum a month for me to spend on my Warframe :]. It’s the least he can do since he stole my Nova Prime :[. Even though I used to  play my Xbox One account more I think i would rather play Warframe on PC because the Xbox One version plays like shit and keeps on crashing on Drakulus and I every time we get into.

Just earlier today Drakulus was about to finally get his hands on his long awaited Ash Prime Warframe and… the game crashed. He couldn’t do anything, but yell and scream at our poor tv…  But enough about that, it was funny though, back to what i was saying about my future Volt Prime :].

I just can’t wait to finally see that sexy black, and gold Warframe in action and electrocute the living shit out of my enemies with Drakulus. He beat me to getting Volt Prime, but that’s okay. I swear that guy has hookups with the way he’s getting Warframes left and right…


Volt is easily one of my favorite Warframes and I know I’m going to love the prime version of him. I mean just look at the guy… who wouldn’t love him?

I’ll be posting more regularly for now on since I have a little more free time on my hands now that Drakulus and I’s newest son isn’t such a tiny baby anymore :].

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Share Your Thoughts!