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A Knight’s Quest Review

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How is this game from Sky 9 Games? Read on to find out what I think of A Knight’s Quest on the Epic Game Store!


I received a review copy of this game from Curve Digital

The Good:


The ONLY reason why this is in the good section is that some of the dialog is actually pretty funny and made me laugh. This game does not take itself seriously and I enjoyed some of the lines that I read. The main story itself is mediocre. At least I could sit back and laugh at some things and that’s always a good thing.


A Knight’s Quest is a pretty game. The environments actually look good at times, but I’m not a big fan of the way the character models look. I think the main protagonist is designed well. I like his headphones and carefree attitude about everything. The different environments look good. It’s another part of this game that’s a big mixed bag for me. Some areas look really good while others don’t and the performance was all over the place and I shouldn’t lag playing a game like this.

The Switch port is even worst. There are graphical glitches and some pretty nasty fps issues too.

The Bad:


I can’t recall a single song that I heard during my playthrough of this game. That’s how unmemorable the soundtrack was to me. The combat sound effects, slashing, magic spells, etc all sound like you would expect them to in a game like this. Meaning don’t expect high budget sound effects. There is no voice acting whatsoever so I can’t judge the way anyone sounds. The written dialogue can be really funny at times though.


I wish I could say I enjoyed my time spent in A Knight’s Quest. I like the art style and I think the game looks good, but the gameplay is absolutely terrible to me. Melee attacks have no oomph and lack impact. You also attack way too fast. The only saving grace is the platforming sections. Those are enjoyable, but fighting enemies is a complete chore. This game would have been better if the developers would have just focused on making this game a good platformer with some puzzles thrown in there to distract us. What we have here is a major mixed bag that mimics Zelda… just not in a good way.

You’ve got your normal attacks and if you hold the attack button down you’ll perform a more powerful attack. You also get magic spells, but honestly, I tried to do as little fighting as possible because of the reasons I mentioned above. The world is painfully average. It’s filled with bright, pretty colors, but it’s really shallow and not worth exploring. There’s not much going on in the world and it’s mostly empty except for a few NPCs you’ll find here and there. None of it is dynamic or, to be brutally honest here, interesting in any way.

The Verdict

A Knight's Quest is mediocre. It's probably the worst Zelda clone I've ever played. The dialog can be funny and it did make me laugh out loud at times, but that doesn't make this game worth buying when there are so many other games you could get for $25. The Switch port is average and I don't like the performance issues I had on my PC. The gameplay is terrible and I can't think of a single reason you should go out of your way to buy this game.

Final Score :

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