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A Quick Look Back: Jersey Devil

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Hello, Minions! Welcome to a glance back at our childhoods where games were rich in what-the-hell-were-you-smoking. Ah, good days.

One such example is Jersey Devil for the PlayStation. Growing up, I never had the money to outright buy the game and my parents weren’t exactly overflowing from their wallets so my vivid and loving memory of this game was a demo at came long side Tomb Raider, Medieval, and Metal Gear. It was a silly little game that seemed to follow its’ fellow animal mascot games and comic book characters by being an animal of mythical/scientific origins with a hot human/sub-human girlfriend while also trying to save the world from a corrupt, evil doctor/persecutor of their kind. Such tropes rest snugly in the arms of such titles like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Howard The Duck, Gex The Gecko,… and many, many more. In this game we have our devilishly handsome Jersey Devil set out to stop the nightmare that is consuming the good city of Jersey;  vegan nightmares and a Smithsonian exhibit.


Do battle using spin attacks to defeat your mutated enemies, use your wings to glide and solve puzzles, collect all the letters of KNARF unlock a hidden level that will challenge your reactionary skills and quick wit! From what I can remember, this game kept a smile on my gorgeous face as well as kept me on my toes. I never knew what to expect with every stage, every new enemy, every new hidden stage that would only give you so many lives to complete it. As a gamer, I miss these nostalgic sensations of going into a game blind without any go-here-kill-that-guy-follow-that-guy-defeat-waves-of-enemies-defend-that-castle kinda direction in today’s games. Maybe this game isn’t as great as I remember but the humor and overall charm of Jersey Devil is certainly still here after all these years.


So let’s talk about the legend that this lovable mascot is based off of: The Jersey Devil. This tale goes all the way back to the 1700s about a woman named Deborah Smith who emigrated to England to marry a man only named “Mr. Leeds”. Here is where the story splinters off into many versions, as most good legends do. After a long marriage and twelve children under their belts, Mrs. Leeds gives birth to a thirteenth. Some stories say that the woman invoked the devil during childbirth, some say that she refused to convert to the Quaker faith so the clergymen cursed her next child  be monstrous or a child of the Devil. Another one, which I find to be fairly more interesting, was that Mrs. Leeds found this deformed child and took care of it until her death where it took flight has roamed the state of New Jersey for all these hundreds of years crying out in mourning. There have been plenty of sightings since the 1700 of the Jersey Devil also named the “Leeds Devil”, “Wozzle Bug”, and “Hoodle Doodle Bird”– okay, seriously?? Hoodle-Doodle? Ugh, these people– but don’t let these names detract you from how monstrous this beast is supposed to be.


This thing is pretty metal, Minions. I swear this needs to be something in Monster Hunter or God Eater. The Jersey Devil is said to have cloven hooves, fearsome blood red eyes and black wings, and a misshapen goat-like face complimented with pointed horns. Maybe our lovable mascot isn’t as fear invoking as this creature is but I’ve gotta say it sounds pretty awesome. Amazon is selling this game new for $30, I might just snatch it up just to relive some of these great childhood memories… or realize they’re not as fantastic as I remember.

Til’ next time, Minions!

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Share Your Thoughts!