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Absolver Review

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Absolver is the new fighting game on the block. It’s different than your average Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat games. Read on to find out what I think of Absolver! 

The Great:


Take Dark Souls, Jade Empire and For Honor and combine them into one game and you’ve got Absolver. The only difference is Absolver’s gameplay is way better than Jade Empire’s. This game is one big game that lets us go wherever we want (like Dark Souls) and fight other players and NPCs at the same time. The only way to learn new moves is by fighting other players or the CPU. Blocking or dodging is the only way to learn new moves. At first I started off with some basic punches and kicks. I eventually learned some fantastic moves and managed to make a badass character that went on a huge winning streak in pvp mode.

If pvp is not your thing don’t buy this game. There is a single player mode, but it can be beaten in a few hours if you’re good at this game. You’ll run out of things to do quickly if you’re just playing for the pve content. You can get good gear just playing by yourself. You don’t have to worry about someone with better gear/higher level beating you while you try and farm for gear drops.

Level matters in this game, but not as much as player skill. I’ve beaten people 10 levels higher than me because I studied their attack patterns and fought smart.

Changing stances is a good way to get the upper hand in battle. Especially in pvp. This is where the For Honor comparison comes in. I can hold down the RT button and use my control stick to change stances in a similar way that I could block in For Honor. It’s a great mechanic and works beautifully.


The customization in this game is fantastic. I’ve never played a fighting game that’s had a better customization mechanic. I can make my character look like a barbaric warrior, regal Kung Fu warrior, a homeless dude, etc. I can customize each part of my character’s body with different clothing items. My hands, feet, legs, shoulders, head, and chest are fully customizable. If you want a speedy warrior you can just wear all of the lightest clothes in the game and zip around kicking some ass. You defense is going to suck, but you’ll be fast as hell.

I was a slower character. My mobility was about 20, but I could take a lot of punishment and dish it out too. I got a really badass looking cloak after I finished the campaign too.

The Good:


The soundtrack to this game is forgettable. Which is unfortunate because a good soundtrack can make a good fighting game a great one in my opinion. Thankfully the sound effects are good. Kicking someone in the face sounds nice, but unrealistic, and has a nice oomph to it. The voice acting is okay too, but nothing special. There’s not a lot of spoken dialogue, but what little there is isn’t going to wow you.


I’m not a huge fan of the art style that was chosen for this game, but some areas look really good while others only look okay. The character models don’t look fantastic. I think they’re a little above average, but I wasn’t expecting much, graphically, from this game. This game was developed by SloClap games and I know they didn’t have a triple A budget for this game. The graphics are serviceable and that’s good enough for me.

The Bad:


This game runs like shit on my rig. I can be running the game at 60 fps one minute and get dips down to 25 the next. My game has froze on me during battle multiple times and even crashed a few times too. This issue has not been fixed yet and I do not recommend buying this game (on PC) until it is.

Boss Fights:

The boss fights in this game are a joke. They’re just tougher versions of NPCs that I’ve already beaten countless times and they even have the same movesets. The boss of the game was an incredibly bulky version of the same type of enemies that I fought on the way up to her.

The Verdict:

Absolver is a really good game with a dying playerbase already and that’s unfortunate because it does some really good things and has a lot of potential. The performance is the big issue here. I can’t recommend a game that freezes on me so often. I had a lot of fun with Absolver. I really like this game and once a few patches roll out I’ll gladly change this to a recommended game.


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Share Your Thoughts!