Age Of Conan- Unchained First Impressions

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I’ve been curious about Age Of Conan Unchained for years so I finally decided to try it out. Age Of Conan Unchained is based off of Conan {if you don’t know who Conan is by now then something’s wrong.} I’ll start with the create a character since that’s important in MMO’s. A MMO must have a good character creator if i’m going to invest some serious time into it and Age Of Conan has an acceptable create a character. It’s nothing ground breaking but I did manage to create an acceptable avatar to begin my quest with.

Another thing I like about the game is that it’s voice acted. While it isn’t up to Star Wars The Old Republic levels of talent but it’s a nice to hear the npc’s talking to you instead of reading a wall of text. The combat is simple. You click the buttons on your mouse to chain up combos to perform on enemy. At first I didn’t like the combat system but after about an hour or so it started to grow on me. After I got a few skills to perform and figured out how to implement them in my combos I started to have fun with the game. While the graphics are dated on the max settings they’re quite nice and I found myself taking in the view at times.


Age Of Conan is pretty good so far and I’m going to keep playing it to see if it gets better. I know i’m late to game and the player base isn’t as high as it used to be I still managed to find some people to play with. I would recommend you check this game out if you can’t run more modern games like Guild Wars 2 or Tera. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

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Share Your Thoughts!