Aion First Impressions

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indexI finally had a chance to play Aion last night and honestly… I kind of wish I didn’t. Aion has a good character creator. The options available to you are great and I actually spent about an hour just creating my avatar. Once I entered the actual game is where things got average. This is what I would call a generic MMO. The animations are slow, and the actual gameplay is boring. I don’t like watching my character attack with the exact same animation over and over again until my skills recharge so I could push number 1 or 2 again. I expected more from this game then that since so many people still play it. The quest system is confusing. I never knew where I was going and I didn’t really care after about an hour of go here kill that or kill this many monsters until they drop a fruit basket quests.

Aion has an interesting concept but the actual game doesn’t make me want to invest in this game anymore then what I have already. After I quit Aion I immediately removed it from my laptop. There are plenty of better MMO’s out there. Don’t waste your time on this one.

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Share Your Thoughts!