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Annabelle Review

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Annabelle is the sequel/prequel to The Conjuring. How does it do when compared to one of the best horror movies of this generation? Read on to find out what I think of it.

The Conjuring was an excellent movie. I remember how much I praised the sounds of the movie back when I reviewed it. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about Annabelle. Annabelle had so much potential to surpass The Conjuring, but the only thing it did was try way to hard to scare us when the only thing it actually succeeded at was bore the shit out of my Lunaliah, and I.

ANNABELLEThe Annabelle doll was easily the creepiest part in The Conjuring and that continues to be true in Annabelle. When I thought something was going to happen because of how well the scene was shot it was intense. The music was just right at those scenes and Annabelle is one creepy ass doll, but nothing happened and I actually liked that because it kept me wondering when something would happen.

I didn’t like the origin story of Annabelle though. It’s a bit cliched to be honest. Two psychos that worship some sort of demon breaks into the main protagonist house and tries to kill her. One of them died with the doll in their arms and that’s how Annabelle became Annabelle. It was retarded, but it’s not something that I kept thinking about while I was watching the movie.

Since I’m on the topic of retarded things lets get the negative segment of this review out of the way.

The story told in this film can’t compete with The Conjuring on any level. It’s just your typical haunted house [or family] story that we’ve literally seen a thousand times before. The Conjuring was a haunted house story, but it was executed very well and kept me guessing the entire time I was watching it. Annabelle did not do this at all.

At one point in the movie I saw a demon… really? As soon as I saw that thing I rolled my eyes. Why can’t Annabelle just be a creepy ass haunted doll that likes killing people? The demon really messed this movie up big time and the reason they gave for it being there was stupid. The way they got rid of Annabelle was one of the dumbest things I ever saw. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but I literally laughed out loud when it happened.

maxresdefaultNot everything about Annabelle is a giant turd. I loved the build up up until I saw the stupid looking demon. The scenes that were focused on the Annabelle doll were amazing, creepy, and beautifully executed. The acting was solid and everyone seemed to be enjoying their roles in the movie, but when compared to The Conjuring this film falls flat on it’s face.

I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy this movie as much as I did The Conjuring, but I didn’t expect it to bore me. I really wanted to like this movie because of how much I loved the Annabelle doll from The Conjuring, but that wasn’t enough to save this film.

Annabelle had it’s moments, but didn’t have any scares. The Annabelle doll was creepy and instead of focusing on the creepy factor that the doll alone brings to the film they added a retarded looking demon that killed any momentum this film had. If you want to watch a great horror film watch The Conjuring. You’ll be better off not watching Annabelle if you don’t want your experience of the first movie ruined in this one.


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