Revisiting The Division

Another Look At The Division 2

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I recently purchased two copies of The Warlords of New York expansion for my wife and me to play and that’s gotten us back into The Divison 2 when we’re taking breaks from Genshin Impact.

For some reason, my website hates screenshots I take with Uplay so I couldn’t upload any here.

When I’m not on Genshin Impact I’m on The Division 2. I’ve been wanting the Warlords of New York expansion since it was announced, but I wanted it to be at the perfect price for me. I ended up buying the ultimate edition for $25 and that came with everything. The year 1 content and expansion. I’ll admit that I’m a little underwhelmed with New York in The Division 2. It’s so small when compared to the first game, but it’s also a lot of fun. The level design is great and so are the boss fights and new skills that I’ve unlocked.

It is interesting to see how much has changed since the first game though. And how everything looks with all of the snow gone. Instead of snow, I experienced really heavy rainstorms that made firefights a fantastic experience. I couldn’t see anything in front of me, but I knew that fucker was over there somewhere so I just kept firing until I saw numbers pop up. I do miss all of the snow and awesome looking outfits from the first game though.

My focus right now is getting through the expansion and then grinding to level 40 while I wait for update 11.1 to, hopefully, drop on the 20th. It’s been so long since I’ve played that I was surprised that my character was still somewhat good. My tank build still held up really well for solo play and my sniper build still drops shit with one or two shots. My gear score is gone though and I think that’s because I have to reach the new level cap before I can see it again. Or was it eliminated completely from the game?

I’ve beaten two out of the four bosses that are required for me to face off with Keener. I’ve really enjoyed going up against the old factions from the first game again, especially the cleaners, and seeing what new tactics they use this time around. The big ass flamethrower guys no longer die when you shoot the giant red oil tanks on them. Instead, they drop the flamethrower and pull out a sledgehammer to murder you with. It was one of those “oh shit” moments the first time it happened to me because I wasn’t expecting it.

Trying out all of the new specializations that I originally missed out on because I didn’t own the year 1 pass has been awesome. I’ve tried the flamethrower (take that cleaners I have one too!) and grenade launcher and I love them both. I don’t see anything replacing my sniper though. That thing is just a one-hit kill machine and is very useful in just about every scenario.

I have a lot more positive to write about The Division 2 than I did the last time I played it. The Division 2 is in a good place right now and since you can easily get the game for under $10 these days I recommend jumping in now and experiencing it for yourself. I honestly can’t wait for the new skyscraper mode to be added so I can kill my way to the 100th floor for some sweet, sweet loot. Hopefully, it doesn’t get delayed and releases this month because next month I’m going to be all over Cyberpunk.

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