Another Look At Total War Rome II

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Total War Rome 2The first time I reviewed Total War Rome II I gave it a 6/10 simply because it was literally unplayable for the first few weeks that it came out. Whenever the game did work though it was really fun and even though at times I liked it enough to give a 9 it wouldn’t be fair or be the right thing to do because of all the glitches, graphical errors, and just plain stupid npc characters. Who charges a garrison full of Spartans with only a single unit? That being said it has been quite some time since I played the game and in that time I’ve upgraded my rig. Total War Rome II has been performing amazingly for me since I decided to hop back in the game. I haven’t had any problems whatsoever with the game and everything from the enemy a.i. to the naval battles works flawlessly. I never truly appreciated the graphics this game had to offer until now. I’m running everything at max settings with absolutely no lag. It’s amazing, beautiful, and most of all.. a lot of fun.

Total War Rome II right now is what we should have had back in September when it was rushed out the door. If you were thinking about buying Rome II then I would say go right ahead because this game is worth it and I think any Total War fan could at least appreciate the hard work that the devs has put into this game. I won’t say that every problem with the game has been fixed. The a.i. in the naval battles are still terrible. I waited on shore for 45 minutes before they decided it would be a good idea to charge the shoreline and attack me. They literally spent over 40 minutes just sailing around each other and every time I thought they would come in for an attack they would back up and sail away again. Aside from that the game is great. It doesn’t take 15 to 20 minutes to end a turn anymore. Now every factions logo just flies by without lagging and kicking me out the game.

The land battles are amazing and the enemy is now a little smarter then they were before. Instead of them just charging in trying to out man my units they’ll try to attack from all sides while firing with archers if they have any. This is the game I wanted to play when I first brought it on release day and it was well worth the wait. If I re-reviewed this game it would definitely be 9/10. Total War Rome II deserved every bit of hate it got when it released but now in the state that’s in it deserves some recognition and even some praise because it’s come a long way since it released last year. The bottom line is that this game is fucking awesome and more importantly it’s playable.

Here is my original review of Rome II:

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    The Otaku Judge
    Mar 07, 2014 7:11 am

    Good to hear that they got there in the end with the fixes. Paying to add gore to the game however makes my “blood” boil… no pun intended.

    • Omar Jackson
      Mar 07, 2014 8:28 am

      I still haven’t purchased that dlc because it should have been in a patch. Rome II is a great game though and now I’m not scared to recommend it to other people :].

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