Classic Friday – Project X Zone Review

For the last few weeks I’ve been playing Project X Zone and it’s all kinds of bad.  Continue reading “Classic Friday – Project X Zone Review”


Xenoblade Chronicles X Screenshots

Drakulus is going to be MIA for a few days because of a cold he’s currently battling and decided to step up and write for him while he’s away.  Continue reading “Xenoblade Chronicles X Screenshots”

I’m Back! [Again] And I Finally Got A Volt Prime In Warframe! :]

Hey Lunaliah here and i’m finally back. I’ve been playing Warframe a lot lately and i’m finally getting a Volt Prime. I’m so excited that I’m finally about to get my first prime Warframe :].  My man, a.k.a. Drakulus,  has a ton of prime Warframes and he doesn’t know how to share :[

Continue reading “I’m Back! [Again] And I Finally Got A Volt Prime In Warframe! :]”

Battlefield 3 And Plants Vs Zombies Are Free On Origin For A Limited Time

Battlefield 3 and the original Plants Vs Zombies are free on Origin. Plants Vs Zombies is free until June 15th.  Continue reading “Battlefield 3 And Plants Vs Zombies Are Free On Origin For A Limited Time”

Steam Sales 4th Edition

Here is another list of games that just recently went on sale. There aren’t that many big titles this week so the list is smaller than usual. Continue reading “Steam Sales 4th Edition”

Uplay Daily Deals #2

Yesterday on Uplay’s spring sale we had Assassin’s Creed IV Blag Flag Gold Edition on sale for $40. Today a host of new games are on sale but for today only. Here is the list of games.

deus ex directors cut

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – $5.00


Final Fantasy VII$ – $5.99

Hitman Absolution

Hitman Absolution – $5.00

Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 – $3.75

Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs – $5.00


Thief – $33.49


Tomb Raider – $6.00

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Steam Sale 3rd Edition

This weeks edition of Steam Sale has some pretty big titles on sale including The Wolf Among Us, Alice Madness Returns, and the entire Deponia series. Lets get to those sales so everyone can once again go broke and game until your eyes bleed!

the wolf among us

The Wolf Among Us – The Wolf Among Us is on sale for $14.99. That’s a steal for this price considering the quality of game that this series has turned out to be.


Spelunky – Spelunky is on sale for $5.09. That’s a weird price isn’t it? Why $5.09? Why not $4.99? Oh well the point is that it’s on sale and you should buy it.


Alice: Madness Returns – This is my favorite game on the list by far. I loved every second of this game and exploring wonderland was a blast. Alice: Madness Returns is on sale for $4.99.

Don't Starve

Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants – Don’t Starve Reign of Giants is still on sale and if you’ve been considering picking this game up now will be a good time.

Deponia Trilogy

Deponia Trilogy – The Deponia Trilogy is on sale for $16.31. There’s another weird price for you.

The Amazing Spider Man pc game

The Amazing Spider-Man – In my opinion this is one of the few good Spider Man games and it’s on sale today for only $16.99.

Men of war

Men of War Assault Squad 2 – Here another game that’s still on sale and who knows for how much longer. Men of War Assault Squad 2 is on sale for $27.99

Men of war

Agarest: Generations of War Zero – Agarest: Generations of War Zero is the second Agarest game being ported to PC. Be careful if you’re thinking about buying this one. You’ll probably be better off getting this one on the Playstation then on PC. Why is this titled part Zero anyway? Agarest: Generations of War Zero is on sale for $15.99


Daylight – Daylight is the third, and final, game was featured in last week’s Steam sale. It’s on sale for only $9.99.


Dark Fall Collecton – The Dark Fall Collection is on sale for only $1.99. Theses are fun games to challenge your exploration and puzzle solving skills and for less than 2 dollars they’re totally worth it.

This wraps it up for this weeks edition of our Steam sale. I’ll see you next week.

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The Secret World’s New DLC, Sidestories: Further Analysis Is Now Available

The Secret World’s latest DLC is now available for everyone to download and play to their heart’s content. Sidestories: Further Analysis adds four new investigation missions for you to test your puzzle solving skills. These four new missions are said to be spread all around the game world. Sidestories: Further Analysis can be brought out of the item store for 768 Funcom Points.

For those of you that don’t know The Secret World, like Guild Wars 2, is buy to play. There are no monthly subscriptions when after you purchase the game. You can play for as long as you want and never have to worry about a fee at the end of the month.

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Steam Updates

Pixel Piracy is still in alpha and the fact that so many people are playing it is quite impressive. Quadro Delta is giving away thousands of dollars worth of keys to celebrate this milestone, and it is quite a milestone indeed. If you want to participate in this special event you’ll find a link down below.

In other news Iron Soul has received various new updates to the Steam version of the game. The new update made getting around the earlier levels easier. They’ve also fixed some problems with the achievements and some community features.

Godus’s new update has added a new homeworld for players to play on. In order to do so you’ll have to delete your save files in order to start a new game though.  This new update also fixed various bugs that were present in the game.

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Steam New Releases

This is going to be another new weekly series of articles that we’ll be covering. Each Week we’re going to keep you up to date about the latest games that are coming out on Steam.


Age Of Wonders III – Age Of Wonders III just released on Steam two days ago. It almost flew under our radar here but my strategy nut husband saw it and ended up loving every second he spent in it. Age Of Wonders III is $39.99.

index batman

Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition – Here’s another Batman game for all of you Batman freaks out there to hold you over until Batman Arkham Knight hits shelves everywhere. Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate is $19.99.


Scourge: Outbreak – Scourge Outbreak just released today on Steam for $7.19.


Gray Matter – Gray Matter is a new adventure game that just hit Steam yesterday. It is $7.99.


Black Mirror 2 – Reigning Evil – Black Mirror 2 – Reigning Evil just released today on Steam for $9.99.


In other news 7 Days to Die just got it’s newest update that fixed a problem where players could slow up or speed up time in the game. Insurgency also got a new update that made tweaks to the game concerning some maps, and multiplayer modes and Expeditions Conquistador got a new patch that allow you to mod the game with a special tool that’s available for no additional charge. This wraps up this week’s edition of our Steam new releases and we’ll see you next week for more.

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