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Avengers Continues To Lose Players On Every Platform

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Marvel’s Avengers is in a rough place right now only a month after its big release. No one is talking about it and very little people are playing it anymore. What can Crystal Dynamics do to bring players back?

The Avengers are under 1,000 players on Steam and its console counterparts aren’t doing as well. Marvel’s Avengers was always a tricky concept to try and sell to gamers. A live service superhero game when we’ve grown accustomed to single-player epics like Arkham and Spider-man. Every multiplayer superhero game has been games like Ultimate Alliance which is far better than Marvel’s Avengers in both characters, stage design, and even story. That last one is very subjective though.

Crystal Dynamics is hoping that the Hawkeye update will bring players back to the game. I don’t think it will. Now that we know what Marvel’s Avengers is I don’t ever see it getting as big as Destiny. It’s going the Anthem route (and I actually like Anthem) and will probably keep losing players similar to Anthem and only keep a dedicated few. I see this game going free to play if this keeps up. Add in the fact that next-gen consoles launch next month with a bunch of new games and you’ll be lucky if anyone bothers to log back into the Avengers until they’ve had their Playstation and Xbox Series X fix.

I don’t think any amount of new content will bring me back to Marvel’s Avengers. A live service superhero game is not what I wanted and you can’t say I didn’t give the game a fair chance. I sunk over 60 hours into it before I quit and it was easily the buggiest game I’ve played all year long and didn’t have nearly enough content to keep me invested in the game. Add in the Destiny gear progression and you’ve got yourself an average superhero game at best when compared to some of the excellent ones that have released recently.

Will Marvel’s Avengers bounce back? I don’t know, but it’ll be interesting to see if Crystal Dynamics can pull a No Man’s Sky and turn this thing around.

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Share Your Thoughts!