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Batman Arkham Origins First Impressions

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I recently had a chance to play Batman Arkham Origins for a few hours and so far it’s pretty damn good.

batman-arkham-origins-1Batman Arkham Origins is a prequel to the popular Arkham series. You take up the role as The Dark Knight once again but in his earlier years as Batman. You are an inexperienced Bruce Wayne fighting crime but oddly I never once felt inexperienced because Batman kicks some serious ass early on in this game. He’s more aggressive, and impulsive but not inexperienced. The first thing I noticed about this game were the graphics. Graphically this game is on par with Arkham City which is a little disappointing because Arkham City came out a few years ago. The gameplay is more fluid this time around but so far from what I can tell nothing has changed and that’s not exactly a bad thing. I honestly couldn’t tell if the enemies I fought any better then in previous games because I took them very easily.

They do attack more often but that didn’t change a thing. I just counterattacked and took them out. The skill tree looks impressive but I haven’t had a chance to see if anything new has been added in. Traveling around Gotham City as Batman is awesome and I love swooping down on unsuspecting bad guys and taking them all out before they know what happened. The detective mode in the game is awesome. Especially since I can rewind or fast forward the crime scene to see exactly what went down. I hope this feature is used more in the game and not just in scripted events.

I’ve seen a host of villains in the game so far and i’m looking forward to facing each of them. So far i’ve been really lucky because i’ve only experienced a single glitch and it happened when I was fighting Killer Croc. He turned invisible and I was forced to take him out that way. I’m only 2 hours in the game but so far i’m loving it. I hope the glitches remain at a minimum and don’t interfere too much with the game. I want to thank my friend for letting me play the game I appreciate and when the glitches in the game are fixed i’ll be sure to buy myself a copy of this game.

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    Oct 30, 2013 8:09 am

    nice. glad you enjoying it. The bugs I had came in constant gaming between 2 – 3 hours. Detective mode you do use quite often, also in side quests. It is quite cool but to easy I think. Everything is pointed out for you.

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      Oct 30, 2013 8:40 am

      I think when I get around to writing the actual review I should lower the score by a point because of the bugs. I did notice that I had little trouble finding my way around this game because there are markers everywhere. I hate when games hold your hand constantly but that’s just a minor problem and won’t be factored in my review.

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    Oct 31, 2013 7:09 am

    Killer Croc turned invisible? Guess he is part crocodile and part chameleon. 🙂

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    Oct 31, 2013 1:16 pm

    Interesting look at the game, I’ve heard some great things about it.

    • Reply
      Oct 31, 2013 6:33 pm

      It’s great when it works. I would advice everyone to stay away from it for now until it’s fixed.

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