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Battleborn Open Beta First Impression

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Battleborn left a impression on me… I’m not sure if it’s a good one or a bad one yet.Β 


Gearbox is letting everyone try out Battleborn for free in the open beta so if you haven’t tried it out yet you might want to download it. The PC version is a little unstable right now. I didn’t expect it to run flawlessly because this is a open beta, but I didn’t expect it to skip so much either.

Moving around was a pain in the ass because I would skip ahead 70% of the time. If I moved a little to the right I would end up facing a wall and it got really annoying towards the end of the first mission because enemies would take my health down really low. Thankfully I was playing as a healer and so far I really like her.


I really love her design too. She looks like a mushroom and she throws knives at people. What’s there not to like about that? The gameplay is really solid and fast paced which is to be expected because this is Gearbox we’re talking about here, but the game as a whole felt a bit flat to me.

The villain of the first stage was a unfunny version of Handsome Jack. He never said a single funny line the entire time and it actually annoyed me. We don’t need a Handsome Jack copy in Battleborn. Come up with a different villain already. You can’t keep living in Borderlands 2’s success because it won’t work in this game.

If I put aside the lag issues that I had in Battleborn it’s a pretty fun game to play, but I don’t think it’s worth the asking price. I’m not even sure if I want to own it yet, but I haven’t even tried all of the characters out yet and I plan on trying as many of them as I can while the open beta is going on. I’m not a fan of Moba games and that alone immediately made me not very interested in this game, but I am going in with a open mind.


The way the stages are designed and the way enemies charged me screamed moba in my opinion. I even had to destroy some monster spawning generators to get them to stop in a certain area and that really didn’t appeal to me. I’m not at all interested in the multiplayer pvp. I’ve never been big on pvp in games like this and I know it’ll be a rarely used feature with me which is a big reason why I know I won’t be getting this title day one.

Battleborn has good gameplay, but it hasn’t impressed me enough yet. What I’ve experienced is exactly what I thought the game would be and the fact that the villain is a carbon, unfunny, copy of Handsome Jack made it that much worse to me. I’m going to stick with it for now because I really love the character designs and I really want to know how everyone plays, but for now Battleborn is a mixed bag for me and I’m hoping that my next experience will be better then the one I had tonight.

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