My favorite Zombie game

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As we all know zombies have been in just about everything. They have been overused time and time again but sometimes games just go too far. {I’m looking at you Resident Evil}. Zombies aren’t really zombies anymore. Now they sprout all sorts of things out of their body and grow new limbs while you’re trying to blast them to pieces.

I can think of a few games that actually use the traditional zombies that we all know and love. Well… actually I can only think of three at the moment. Left for dead, Dead Island, and Dead Rising. I’m not a fan of Left for Dead for one reason. You can’t aim down the sights. I don’t mind it being linear as hell. I’m just there to kill zombies. I didn’t like the first Dead Island game. There was just something about it… I just couldn’t make myself like it. So that leaves Dead Rising. I’m not really a fan of that game either. I mean it’s ok for a while and you can get a few laughs out of it but seriously it gets repetitive fast. Dead Island Riptide in my opinion is better than all of the those I just mentioned.

I know it’s not really different than the original Dead Island game but I guess I just prefer the new island over the old one. I like walking through zombie infested villages with only three bullets left in my handgun and diving knife to back me up. It makes me have to use whatever is around me until I can either find some ammo {which isn’t going to happen right away} or a decent weapon that I can upgrade and kick some zombie ass with.

I like how the survival element is implemented here. You have to scrounge around for materials  you need to make a new weapon or some much needed ammo. I like fighting the traditional zombies again. Yes they added new types of zombies in the game but the traditional slow, and stupid zombies are there and it’s a lot of fun fighting them with friends.

That being said Dead Rising 3 looks like an amazing game and I for one am looking forward to trying it out when it releases. I’m also hoping that we get to see a Dead Island 2 in the mix one day. Until then whenever I get the urge to slaughter some zombies I know what game i’m going to play and as usual I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you soon.

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Share Your Thoughts!