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Bethesda Had A Very Weird, But Entertaining Press Conference

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I had no idea what I was watching when Bethesda started broadcasting their live stream last night. I don’t think anyone was expecting what we got, but I liked it. 

Bethesda will probably always be my favorite game developer. They’ve made some of the best games of all time and I was looking forward to this conference more than any other one and I walked away happy. I was pretty spot on in my predictions leading up to the show, but I didn’t predict enough because we saw a lot more then I thought we would. I was also wrong about the new IP thing.

There was a lot of stuff about VR. Both Doom, and Fallout 4 will be playable from beginning to end in VR and they both look really cool. A good portion of the show went to The Elder Scrolls. I knew we would be seeing something on Morrowind because it just released and they want to hype it. The best way to do that is at E3 while everyone is watching you. I had no idea ESO sold so well. Last time I checked it was sitting at a little over 3 million units sold. It’s jumped up to 10 million and that’s a huge milestone for a MMORPG game.

We saw some Skyrim Special Edition being played on the Switch. It was not the original Skyrim, but it wasn’t exactly Special Edition either. Some effects were missing, or dumbed down, but I can’t really go in depth on a 1 minute trailer, but from I saw it’s definitely not normal Skyrim. I’m also excited about the Amiibo support that it’s getting. I can’t wait to see what I get with my Pokemon Amiibo :).

We also saw some Elder Scrolls Legends. Say what you want about this game, but it’s actually really good and I’m glad that it’s getting more support this year.

Bethesda introduced a new way to mod Skyrim, and Fallout 4, but they didn’t explain it very well. Are these paid mods? I’ll reserve my opinion until I know more about it.

Some Dishonored 2 DLC was announced and it didn’t interest me at all. Lets move on…

One of the two new games revealed last night was The Evil Within 2 and it looks so fucking good. That trailer was intense, crazy, and really interesting from beginning to end. We even got a small glimpse of some gameplay and that’s something I didn’t predict. I also didn’t predict that the game would release this year and in the same month as Wolfenstein 2.

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus was the star of the show. This game was shown off the most and looks like a crazy good time. B.J Blazkowicz is back and looks better than ever. Does he have a different voice actor in this game? I need to replay the first game to be sure, but he sounds different to me.

The highlight of the show to me, surprisingly, was The Evil Within 2. Friday the 13th can’t get here fast enough. That game looks like a vast improvement over the first one in ever way possible. I just hope ammo isn’t as scarce as it was in the first game if we’re going to be fighting mobs of enemies again.

The Internet is disappointed and talking all kinds of shit at Bethesda for their “poor” press conference and I think people are just being ridiculous. We saw 2 new sequels and both of them look really good and I like the fact that Bethesda is still supporting some of their older games. Not many publishers do and I even enjoyed the odd way they decided to present the event. It was funny, and light-hearted and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. My wife and I laughed a few times and just had fun with the event. Why does everyone have to be so toxic about everything? Would you prefer E3 just not be a thing? Lighten up and enjoy yourselves.  This even happens once a year and all everyone wants to do is ruin other people’s good time. The gaming community continues to impress me with their immaturity.

What did you think of Bethesda’s press conference?

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  • Reply
    Jun 12, 2017 6:31 pm

    “Lighten up and enjoy yourselves.” I couldn’t agree more with a sentence, haha. It really is sad how toxic the internet is. I wish people would just enjoy what they love, ignore what the don’t, and shut the hell up about how much they hate everything.

    But yeah, I STILL haven’t played Skyrim yet so I’m excited for the Switch version. I have many Amiibo to try out with it 🙂

    • Omar Jackson
      Jun 12, 2017 8:33 pm

      I went into this E3 and told myself that I wouldn’t let anyone ruin it for me. I found enjoyment in every press conference and had a good time watching them with my wife. We even have a small wishlist of games that we want to buy. The Internet can be a very toxic place and I don’t like how people put each other down for being excited over something.

      I can’t wait to see how many Amiibos work with Skyrim :).

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