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Beyond Skyrim Finally Has a Release Date

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I love Skyrim. I love modding it, creating new characters, stories, and playing through it over, and over again. Every time I do I experience something new. Modding really helped increase the longevity of the game and one of the most ambitious mods finally has a release date. 

Beyond Skyrim is a really ambitious project. Most projects this big, and expansive never see the light of day, but this dedicated team of modders have finally done it. They’re ready to share with the world a huge expansion for Skyrim. This mod is 1.5 times the size of the Dragonborn DLC and has us revisiting Cyrodil for first time in years. It’s a refreshing mod because most mods would rather take you back to Morrowind instead.

Beyond Skyrim: Bruma takes place in Cyrodil and will have us exploring Bruma and areas around it. I’m really excited for this and I’ve waited a really long time to be able to write about it and spread the word that this mod is finally complete and will release on July 1st. Beyond Skyrim: Bruma doesn’t take place in Oblivion. We won’t be completing quest from Oblivion in this expansion. What we have here is completely new. We’re getting new quest, voiced dialogue, npcs to meet, and, hopefully, fall in love with. This expansion takes place in the Fourth Era. I’m really excited to see what’s become of Cyrodil after the events of Oblivion. I know this isn’t a Bethesda expansion and I don’t care. Any excuse to revisit Skyrim is good enough for me.

Beyond Skyrim is just one completed project. This team plans to give us the entire Cyrodil region, but I have no idea how long that’ll take or if it’ll even happen since this one took so long to release.

What do you think of Beyond Skyrim: Bruma?

This mod is NOT for Consoles. It’s for the original Skyrim NOT Skyrim Special Edition. The special edition port will come much later according to this thread. 

Here’s the official trailer 🙂

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Share Your Thoughts!